Highlights by Various Composers


Performed by Marina Marsden (violin), Emma Knott (flute), Rachel Tolmie (cor anglais/oboe), Gavin Lockley (baritone) and John Martin (piano).  Highlights live from the Benefit Concert for Katie Zhukov held in Bundanoon NSW on 19th Feburary 2011.  Katie, a fine pianist, was a victim of the 2011 Queensland floods and the funds raised from this concert and the sale of this CD are donated to Katie as a contribution to the replacement of music, books and piano. 
We thank all artists on this CD who gave so generously of their time.
Wirr 041

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Emma Knott
flute, John Martin piano
 1  Moonlight Mirage  - Amanda Handel
 2  Serenade  - Ian Cooper
 3  Pièce en forme de Habanera - Maurice Ravel  
John Martin piano
 4  Ragg for Razz - Ann Carr-Boyd
Marina Marsden violin, John Martin piano
 5  Very Slow Jazz - Ann Carr-Boyd
 6  Sonata, Mvt IV - Céasar Franck
John Martin piano
  7  Blue Tornado- Zez Confrey
Rachel Tolmie cor anglais/oboe, John Martin piano
  8  Still Moon- Phillip Wilcher
9  Mundoolan - Colin Brumby
 10 Spirit (Brisbane, 2011) John Martin
 11  Intermezzo - Enrique Granados
Gavin Lockley baritone, John Martin piano
 12 Vi'lits - CJ Dennis/Gavin Lockely
 13  The Music of Your Voice - CJ Dennis/Gavin Lockely
 14  The Ant Explorer - CJ Dennis/Gavin Lockely
 15  Washing Day - CJ Dennis/Gavin Lockely
 16  Drake's Call - Horace Keats


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