14 Experiments by Fritz Hart


Fourteen  piano solos.
Composed 1917
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Gilly of Christ, The, Op.49 by Fritz Hart


13 songs for high voice and piano.
1.    I follow a star    
2.    I am the gilly of Christ    
3.    By a wondrous mystery    
4.    When rooks fly homeward     
5.    The gilly of Christ     
6.    Christ, wandering with the Twelve    
7.    The dark is magical     
8.    The women bore their children     
9.    He staggered thro’ the burning street     
10.  Twilight fallen white and cold     
11.  The moon is in the marshes         
12.  I am the mountainy singer    
13.  At morning tide        
Composed 1922.  Researched and edited by David Wickham
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