Elegy 'In Memoriam Peter Sculthorpe' by Harry Sdraulig

Score and parts

Strings and percussion
Scored for full strings, timpani and percussion (including anvil and vibraphone).
Elegy ‘In Memoriam Peter Sculthorpe’ was written in commemoration of one of Australia’s most inventive and influential composers, whose passing on August 8, 2014 was deeply felt by the countless musicians and audiences to have been touched by the integrity, humanity and beauty of his music.
Though this piece contains a few deliberate references to Peter Sculthorpe’s music, especially through the use of percussion (reminiscent of Earth Cry) and the desolate spirituality of the cello solo at the work’s heart, the composer has avoided any attempt at imitation or pastiche, instead composing a work true to his own individual language. It is nevertheless written with heartfelt respect for a man whose influence on the landscape of Australian art music is unparalleled.
Composed 2015
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Elegy 'In Memoriam Peter Sculthorpe' - sheet music


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Evocations by Harry Sdraulig

Score and parts

Clarinet, violin and piano in four movements, c.11'00
1. Incantation I
2. Dance
3. Incantation II
4. Lullaby
The work evokes, in musical terms, a dreamlike sense of mystery and drama. The two Incantations are characterised by stark and declamatory insistence; the Dance is lively and energetic, while the Lullaby is unwaveringly gentle .
Composed 2016
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Evocations - sheet music

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Sonata for Flute and Piano by Harry Sdraulig

Score and parts

Four movements, c.13'00
This work is of virtuosic demand for both instrumentalists, full of contrast and containing a wide variety of expression to give the performers an opportunity to showcase the breadth of their musicality.
A mysterious, introverted Prelude precedes a humorous, flickering dance, entitled Badinerie. The third movement, a more expansive and outwardly expressive Romanza, is followed by the Finale: a fast, virtuosic show-piece to round off the work.
Composed 2014
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Sonata for Flute and Piano - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720172644