Terpsichore, Op.7 by Jonathan Little

Conductor s Score

For large orchestra. "The Whirler" or Muse of Dance. Evocation of the seventh of the nine muses, Poeme de danse. c.14 to 15 mins
The precocious Muse begins her wild, whirling dance;
Entrancing Terpsichore dazzles all those who behold her:
A most majestic and dramatic solo performer;
The beguiling Muse slows and strikes a pose;
Her frenzied dance resumes;
The Muse displays her hypnotic, swaying gracefulness;
She pauses one last time;
Her recollection of past glories, and homage to the ancient circular dances;
The capricious Terpisichore's Finale!

Recorded on "Masterworks of the New Era" Vol.11 (ERM) Kiev Philharmonic / Robert Ian Winstin (see:www.amazon.com)
Parts on request keats@wirripang.com.au
Download samples
Terpsichore, Op.7 - sample sheet music
Terpsichore, Op.7 - 3rd section - audio sample
Terpsichore, Op.7 - 1st section - audio sample
 ISMN M720072234


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