"100 Years" by Rita Crews, Julie Spithill


Music Teachers' Association of NSW - 1912 to 2012  
It is the history and pictorial record of the the Association which until 1979 was known as The Musical Association of NSW.  Meticulous records have been kept over the 100 years and these make for fascinating reading and have formed the basis of this publication.  Minutes of over 2000 meetings, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs, conference and concert programmes, all items of significance that contribute to the vibrant life of an organisation - a thumbnail sketch of a progressive and impressive organisation.  It looks at the glowing record of 100 years and the names that have become legendary:  W Arundal Orchard, Joseph Bradley, Godfrey Stirling, Frank Hutchens, Lindley Evans, Alfred Hill, Alexander Sverjensky, Miriam Hyde, Elizabeth Todd, Victor McMahon, Lady Margaret Gordon, Lady Valerie Heinze, Mrs Nancy Post ... the list of distinguished musicians, educators and supporters is endless.  Visiting dignitaries - names like Dame Nellie Melba, Percy Grainger, Sir Granville Bantock and Peter Dawson, added their own contribution and prestige to the Association.

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 ISBN 978 1 876829 26 1