Australian Song Cycles - Vol 1 by Various Composers


Features 32 songs from six song cycles by prominent Autralian composers - Ian Cooper, John Peterson, Richard Charlton, Margaret Sutherland, Dulcie Holland and Nigel Butterley who have set poems by Jane Adamson, William Blake, Kenneth Slessor, Mary Gilmore, Robin Gurr.    Performed by Wendy Dixon (soprano) and David Miller (piano).
Print music for First Person Feminine, Eternity's Sunrise, Four Blake Songs and Child in Nature are available online.Wirripang label wirr036
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First Person Feminine - Ian Cooper (Adamson)
 1  i    2  ii     3  iii    4  iv    5  v
  6  vi    7  vii
Eternity's Sunrise - John Peterson (Blake)
 8  Auguries of Innocence
 9  On Another's Sorrow
 10 Holy Thursday
 11 Endless Night
 12  Eternity
Statues - Richard Charlton (Slessor)
 13  The Statues Awake
 14  Venus and Apollo
 15  Flowers
 16 The ghosts of flesh
 17  Reality
Four Blake Songs - Margaret Sutherland (Blake)
 18  Memory, hither come
 19  Piping down the valley wild
 20  How sweet I roamed
 21  I love the jocund dance
Four Mary Gilmore Songs - Dulcie Holland (Gilmour)
 22  Whom shall I praise?
 23  Spring
 24  The loving heart
 25  Rittle rattle rittle
Child in Nature - Nigel Butterley (Gurr)
 26  The Child
 27  The Bird
 28  Brown Jack 
 29  Spider's Web 
 30  The Cricket 
 31  The Wind and the Song 
 32  A Dark Glow About Me 


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