Australian Heritage Collection Volume III by Jeanell Carrigan


 Piano music by Australian Women Composers

The composers in this volume:  

Esther Rofe (1904-2000); Meta Overman (1907-1993); Majorie Hesse (1911-1986); Josephine Bell (1912-2006); Peggy Glanville Hicks(1912-1990); Miriam Hyde (1913-2005); Dulcie Holland (1913-2000); Phyllis Batchelor (1915-1999).

"Nostalgia" CD is a collection of 28 works from these volumes and is available online

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Isaiah 55 by Phyllis Batchelor


Soprano solo and women's voices.
Edited by David Wickham for the Australian Heritage Series.
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Isaiah 55 - sheet music

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