Eight Short Pieces by Timothy Fraklin


For solo piano
These pieces present a variety of challenges for the developing pianist, yet are intended to be suitable for the concert stage as well.
There are a variety of tempi, and each piece has an individual identity for the performer to explore.
Composed 2004-2007
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Eight Short Pieces - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720171883


Recitative, Mania, Dirge by Timothy Fraklin

Two scores

For tenor saxophone and drum, c.10'00
The saxophone is particularly well suited as a solo instrument.  In the hands of a skillful player it has a substantial range, and is capable of a wide variety of tone colours, articulations, and dynamic levels. Drums complement the saxophone, a symbiosis evident in the numerous drummer/saxophonist pairings in the jazz world.
This work is an attempt to utilise the tonal resources of both instruments in a modernist context. 
Composed 2016
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Recitative, Mania, Dirge - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720171906


Sarabande by Timothy Fraklin


For solo baroque flute, c.4'55/9'50
This work was written for a single key Baroque flute pitched at A=415. It will work on other flutes (and high saxophones or oboe), but keeping this intended sound world in mind is highly recommended. 
Composed 2010
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Sarabande - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720171890


Six Pieces by Timothy Fraklin


For solo piano
Each work is also reminiscent of the music of a particular era, although approached through the composer's own harmonic and rhythmic sensibility. The works complement each other as a set, largely through their shared themes of warmth, sentimentality, whimsy, their complex harmonic language, and a certain dry sense of humour.
Composed 2017
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Six Pieces - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720172071


String Quartet 1 by Timothy Fraklin

Score and parts

Striing Quartet in five movements
Movement I is the modification to the classical formal structure. It serves as a prelude to the more formally and harmonically complex later movements. Movement II is the start of the ‘classical’ quartet structure – a traditionally brisk opening movement in a minimalist sonata form. Movement III is a slow movement in ternary form, featuring harmony consisting largely of structures generated using stacked fifths of various types. Movement IV is a Scherzo featuring a needling chromatic melody that is not quite in the key of F minor. Movement V is in a form inspired by a certain Beethoven piano sonata in C minor, that of a sonata form with a slow introduction. It utilises an odd meter to convey both aggressive and ‘singing’ material, and synthesises intervallic, polytonal, and modal harmonic approaches.
Composed 2017
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String Quartet 1 - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720172736