"Celebrating May" by May Howlett


A compilation of only some of the exceptional compositional works by May Howlett recorded over time by well-known Australian and International artists. A member of an audience once remarked that "her music always takes me on a journey", and this CD just does that.  Her writing seeks to enter into an experience or a concept, and to embody response to it with a 'voice' of the instrument or instruments. Although her music is basically lyrical, there is, often, according to Larry Sitsky, "a sting in the tail". 

Sheet music of most works are available online
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Exhibits - Christine Drager (flute), Katheryn Lambert (piano)
 1  Mobiles
 2  Veil VII 
 3  Electric Mouse
 4  Streeton's Noon
 5  Passing the Tower of Aggrievements -  Jeanell Carrigan (piano)
 6  From Forgotten Stars - Rotraud Schneider (violin)
 7  Waves - Sally Mays (piano)
 8  Rosie the Unruffled - Michael Tabrett (viola), Katarina Kroslakova (piano)
 9  Sacred Grove - Robert Llewellyn (bassoon), Katarina Kroslakova (piano)
 10  Baroqua Rag - Katie Zhukov (piano) 
Wings on the Wind - Emma Knott (flute), David Miller (piano)
 11  Thermals
 12  Mistral
 13  Ah! Sirocco
 14  At the Triton's Call - Lotte Latukefu (mezzo- soprano), Louise Scott (piano)
At the Circus - Katie Zhukov (piano)
 15  Parade
 16  The Pink Ballerina on a White Pony
 17  Catherine Wheels



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