Valley of Rocks - CD by Miriam Hyde


 A collection of 12 piano pieces composed and performed by Miriam Hyde.  Liner notes compiled by Ann Carr-Boyd.  First released in 1993 and now re-released and available online from Wirripang only. 
Wirr 085

Sheet music for most of these pieces are available online.

Download samples
 1   Fantasia on Waltzing Matilda
 2   Rhapsody No. 1 in F# minor
 3   Magpies at Sunrise
 4   Brownhill Creek in Spring
 5   The Ring of New Bells
6   Sonata in G minor
        i.   Allegro energico
        ii.  Andante solennemente
        iii. Allegro con brio

7   Reflected Reeds
8   Scherzo Fantastico
9    Valley of Rocks
 10  Evening in Cordoba
 11  Water Nymph
 12  Concert Study No. 3 in C# minor



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