Variations! by Daniel Herscovitch


 for piano 17th - 21st Centuries
Daniel Herscovitch, piano, with Clemens Leske (Track 2).
Variation is the oldest and most basic musical form across all musical cultures.  This CD includes works by eleven composers from five centuries and eight countries including Australia and its two neighbours Indonesia and New Zealand.
Wirr 081


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  1.  Ground in Gamut - Henry Purcell
  2.  Andante with Variations K.501
- W A Mozart

  3.  Variations on Rule Britannia Wo0 79 - L v Beethoven
  4.  Variation on a Waltz by Diabelli D.719 - F Schubert
  5.  Berceuse Op.57 - F Chopin
  6.  Danza sacra e duetto finale d'Aida
- F Liszt

  7.  Chaconne Op.32 - Carl Nielsen
  8.  Variations on a Theme by Beethoven - Edwin Carr
Variations Op.27 - Anton Webern
  9.   Sehr mäßi    10.  Sehr schnell 
  11.  Ruhig fileßend
Like Writing on Water: Variations on Webern's Op.27
- Brad Gill
  12.  Crush     13.  Trails...     14.  Interweave 
  15.  Like Writing on Water   
16.  Distance
  17.  Rapsodia Nusantara No.10
- Ananda Sukarlan



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