Cloud Hands by Tony Wheeler

Score and part

Duet for Guqin and Zhong Ruan, c.8'35
Cloud hands, or yun shou, is a form of movement in taiji quan (t’ai ch’i chuan) and some other Chinese martial arts, which is used in combat to deflect an opponent’s attacking punch or strike. Its main characteristic is that although appearing to be a very soft and fluid movement, in essence it possesses a high degree of internal strength which is transmitted to the opponent. Various aspects of yun shou are expressed in this piece.
Includes CD for practice purposes. Composed 2014
Audio sample - Guqin and Zhongruan by Tony Wheeler

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 Cloud Hands - sheet music and audio

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 ISMN 9790720115313


Double Trouble Book 3 by Joanne Burrows, Ann Carr-Boyd, Jocelyn E Kotchie


9 diverse piano duets -  for advanced pianists - Grades 6-8.
A delightful collaboration between three amazingly talented composers - Ann Carr-Boyd, Jocelyn Kotchie and Joanne Burrows.   The piano duets in Book 3 include a variety of styles: jazz, popular, contemporary and pseudo-classical.
Composed 2017

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Double Trouble Book 3 - sheet music samples


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Postcards from America by Houston Dunleavy


Four pieces for violin and cello, total c.10.
1. L.A, c.2'30
2. Grand Canyon, c.3'30
3. Chicago Bean, c.2'0
4. NYC, c.1'45
ISMN M720060767
Recorded by LOCANA on CD LOCANA'S World available online
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L.A. - sheet music
L.A. - audio sample
Grand Canyon - audio sample
Chicago Bean - sheet music
Chicagp Bean - audio sample
N.Y.C. - sheet msuic
N.Y.C. - audio sample

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 ISMN M720060767