Abendlied by Colin Brumby

Score and part

Viola and piano, c.3'00
AMEB Manual List B, Level 2 5th grade
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Abendlied - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720101804


And Then... by Houston Dunleavy


Solo viola c.7'30
Composed 1996

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And Then - sheet music
And Then - audio sample

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 ISMN M720011691


Arietta by Colin Brumby

score and part

Viola and piano, c.1'30
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Arietta - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720101811


Attack by Andrew Schultz


Solo Viola, 5'80. Grade A.Mus.A
As the name implies, a more lively piece than normal for this instrument!
AMEB Manual List A, Level 3 Associate
Audio sample from "Viola Power" Tall Poppies CD, TP098, used with permission
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Attack - sheet music
Attack - audio sample

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 ISMN M720072821


Canzonetta by Miriam Hyde

Score and part

Viola and piano.  c. 3'20.
Composed 1988

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Canzonetta  - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720164342


Chasing the last cadence by John Spence

Score and part

Viola and Piano, c.4'55, Grade 7-8
Imagine reaching the last cadence point and discovering that it is beyond your reach and you have to chase it. This piece plays out the scenario just described. It becomes a battle to get the final cadence.
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Chasing the last cadence - sheet music

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 ISMN M720065663


Dark Island, The by Paul Paviour

Score and part

Viola and piano, c.6'15
Composed 2012
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 The Dark Island - sheet music

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 ISMN M720126869


Echo Tango by Michael Hannan

Score and part

Viola and piano, 

A tango-style melody piece commissioned for the Australian East and West project to promote the composition and performance of Australian viola and piano music.  Composed 2012.


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 Echo Tango - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720140230


Echoes of Puzzlewood by Naomi Ng

score and parts

Flute, viola and piano, c.2'30
Inspired by Merlin, King Arthur's legends and the young Arthur Pedragon, the composer visualises herself as a Druid youth walking through the pristine environment of the forest of "Puzzlewood", affluent with small animals and thriving vegetation.  Composed in 2011 it was winner of the Music Teachers' Assoc. NSW Centenary Composition Competition for 2012.

Naomi Ng commenced learning music with Yamaha Music Foundation at the age of four, and at seven she joined the Young Composers' Workshop during which she composed a piano solo suite of four movements, "The Happy Fisher" which subsequently won the Own Composition (14 years and under) in the McDonald's Performing Arts Challenge 2005. Naomi furthered her studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Open Academy.  She was awarded the AMusA for Piano Performance in 2012. Naomi is the first composer of 'Wirripang New Composition' (2012).
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 Echoes of Puzzlewood - sheet music 
 Echoes of Puzzlewood - audio sample
Live performance by The Albion Instrumental Ensemble

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Elegy Viola and Piano by Stephen Lebsanft

score and part

Viola and piano, c.5'30

Stephen Lebsanft is an emerging composer, arranger and performer from Toowoomba, Queensland. He holds a Bachelor of Music majoring in classical trombone from the Queensland Conservatorium. During his time in Brisbane studying this degree, Stephen wrote and arranged many works for various brass ensembles. The most notable of which was "Three Encounters", a work depicting three artist’s representations of a colonial encounter with a native tribe and was awarded full marks after submitting it for elective assessment.
Stephen has enjoyed a long involvement with the Queensland Youth Orchestras from a young age and has played with the preeminent Queensland Youth Symphony for three years. This organisation also gave him the opportunity to premiere some of his own works at their chamber music concerts. Recently, he was awarded first prize in the open senior section of the Music Teacher’s Association of Queensland and Gold Coast Teacher’s Group composer’s competition.
His interest in composition stems from a deep passion for score analysis and the relation of the work to the context surrounding its creation. To this end, Stephen enjoys writing instrumental music predominantly for symphony orchestra and chamber ensembles.
Stephen is a composer of 'Wirripang New Composition' (2015).
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Elegy - sheet music 



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From a Quiet Place by Betty Beath

Score and part

Three pieces for viola and piano. c.11'30
Meditative pieces influenced by the magical sound of singing bowls and bells from Nepal -their vibrating voices may be infinitely sweet as well as robust and dynamic.
I. c.3'25
II c.7'45
III c.1'30
Movements I and II - AMEB Manual List D, Level 2 8th grade
Recorded by Patricia Pollett, viola and Colin Spiers, piano on the CD available online Music of Betty Beath Wirr.024

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From a Quiet Place I - sheet music
From a Quiet Place II - sheet music
From a Quiet Place III - sheet music
With asociated CD - Music of Betty Beath
From a Quiet Place 1st mvt. - audio sample
From a Quiet Place 2nd mvt. - audio sample
From a Quiet Place 3rd mvt. - audio sample


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 ISMN 979


Improvisation and Cadenza for viola by Larry Sitsky


Solo viola, c.5'30
This work was created for the String School at Monash University in 1995 and was the set piece for the viola competition.  It was revised from an unfinished Cello Concerto of the early 60's and has also been written for solo cello.
Composed 1995
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 Improvisation and Cadenza - sheet music

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 ISMN 97907201060410