Australian Piano Anthology for the 21st Century - Vol. One - CD

By Katie Zhukov

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Piano music by Australian composers played by Katie Zhukov. 
It became apparent that there was a need for new piano works which represented contemporary Australian composers.  Wirripang approached its composers who, with their magnificient response, produced so many excellent works. 46 compositions were finally chosen, edited and critiqued by Katie Zhukov, and were embodied in three albums of sheet music each accompanied by a CD of the pieces recorded by Katie.  
It was from these recordings by Katie that this CD evolved. It is a collection of very pleasant, listenable and varied piano music and representative of the very high standard of work being written by Wirripang Australian composers. 

The three books of these works (and more) are available online titled:
Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology - 2011 - Books One or Two or Three

Download samples
1  Baggy Green Rag  (John Martin)
2  Prelude and Fugue Chromatica (Tony Wheeler)
3  Catherine Wheels (May Howlett)
4  Nocturne for a Nebula (Ann Carr-Boyd)
5  The Pink Ballerina on a White Pony (May Howlett)
6  Key Connections (Betty Beath)
7  Thorn of the Rose (John Martin)
8  Prelude to Play(Betty Beath)
9   Parade (May Howlett)
10  The Demented Demon (Brennan Keats)
11 Paradise Bar   Prelude (Andrew Schultz)
12  Red Dust Settles (Brennan Keats)
13  Politically Correct Rag  (Paul Paviour)
14  Very Slow Jazz (Ann Carr-Boyd)
15  The Jazz Cat Miaou (Frank Millward)
16  Light Through a Stained Glass Window 
(Betty Beath)
17  Outlines (Andrew Helberg)
18  Intermezzo in E  (Phillip Wilcher)
19  Lucky Thirteen (John Peterson)
20  Toccatina (Colin Brumby)
21  Dreamboat Blues (Amanda Handel)
22  Watching the River Flow (John Petrson)
23  Valse Triste (Stephen Yates)
24 The Breeze and You (Frank Millward) 
25 Prelude II (Jennifer Trynes)
26 Mistique (Mark Matthews)
27  Ball Games - Basketball (Diana Blom)  
28  Tip-Toe Tango (Jocelyn E Kotchie) 
29 The Afghans (Stephen O'Connell)
30 At Sundown  (Amanda Handel)