Australian Saxophone Anthology, The - CD

By Robert Woodward

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22 solo and accompaniment works by various Australian composers, performed by Robert Woodward, saxophone and Benjamin Burton piano.  The pieces, especially composed for this anthology, compiled and edited by Rob, are sensitively and imaginatively performed.  A marvellous collection of works, the first produced in Australia.  Composers include: Colin Brumby, Brennan Keats, John Wayne Dixon, Paul Ballam-Cross, Paul Paviour, Ric Mills, Brett McKern, Gavin Lockley, Houston Dunleavy, Stephen O'Connell, and Stephen Yates.
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An album of print music for all these pieces is available online.

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Entrada (Colin Brumby)
Sonata for Alto Saxophone (Paul Ballam-Cross)
   - Movement I ,- Movement II,
   - Movement III,  - Movement IV
Starlight on the Sea (Brennan Keats)
Seasides(John Wayne Dixon)
   - GullsSand Dance,   RetreatEbb
An April Aubade Paul Paviour)
Suite for Saxophone (Ric Mills)
   - Missing PeaceAt First Sight,  
   MeaningI'm Still With You,
God Be in My Head
Scherzo for Saxophone (Brett McKern)
Pie Jesu (Gavin Lockley) 
Capriccio (Colin Brumby)
Serenade (Houston Dunleavy)
Tempe Downs (Stephen O'Connell)
Fandangle Indeed (Stephen Yates)