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Hommage D.S.C.H.

By Albert Landa

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for 'Cello and piano.

Hommage D.S.C.H. these letters also correspond to the musical notes D, Eb, C, B.  A quite potent sequence of notes in itself. Shostakovich has used this sequence of notes in various compositions, such as the famous 8th String Quartet, the 10th Symphony, the 15th Symphony and the ’cello concerti and other works. He has used it in various contexts and in various expressive permutations. Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes despairing, sometimes enraged, sometimes defiant. The exact “meaning” of these seemingly cryptic utterances has been debated by music scholars, musicians, and other commentators but the answer has always proved elusive. This musical “motto” has played such a significant role in Shostakovich’s music that it has been engraved, in musical notation, on the headstone of his grave at St. Petersburg  

Composed 2020


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