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Australian Choral Anthology Volume 2 - SA choir

By choral

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9 works for SA choir with distinctly Australian content, composed by various Australian composers.

A ‘call for scores’ requested that the word content must be of ‘distinctly Australian flavour’. More than 40 works were submitted, obviously more than one volume!  Hence, three volumes have emerged with one each for SATB choirs (mostly with piano accompaniment); a SA choir; and choir with instruments other than piano (with separate instrument parts).  As a result, their words have captured our Australian fabric; gum trees, many types of birds - kookaburras, magpies, currawong, even the Indian miner bird, and more - brumbies, bushfires, climate, seasons, and of course, arrangements of traditional folk songs.

Overall, we have tried to make this project as accessible as possible to ensure that this Australian music is heard and appreciated by many and enjoyed by the singers. 

Multiple choir copies of any of the works can be purchased individually under license at very reasonable rates. Please contact

Enjoy these new Australian pieces!

  • An Australian Lullaby (Women's Choir) – Colin Brumby
  • Botany Bay (SA Choir) – Rod Heard
  • Currawong (Treble Choir) – Jane Andino 
  • Magpie (Treble Choir) – Jane Andino
  • Moreton Bay (SAA Choir) – Rod Heard
  • The Old Grey Gum (SA Choir) – Robert Burrell
  • Springtime Brings on the Shearing (SA Choir) – Rod Heard
  • The Christmas Bush (SA Choir) – Brennan Keats
  • The Wild Colonial Boy (SSAA Choir) – Rod Heard

       Sample page of each work

          ISMN 9790720231297

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          Australian Women Composers' Piano Anthology Volume II

          By Katie Zhukov

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          Grades Intermediate (5th) to Advanced (Dip.)

          16 piano works by Wirripang-published, Australian Women Composers 2018.  

          Especially written and selected for this album as edited by Katie Zhukov and it includes a CD of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov.  

          This second volume of new piano repertoire by Australian women composers is a companion to the Australian Women Composers’ Piano Anthology (2015) published earlier by Wirripang.

          Commissioning new work from established and emerging composers provides an opportunity for women’s voices to be heard in the Australian classical music arena that tends to be dominated by live and recorded performances of music by male composers. Introducing new generations of piano students to music by women composers helps drive the grassroots campaign for gender equality in Australian classical music.
          The pieces vary in style from Romantic to contemporary, neo-classical, and jazz-influenced idioms.
          Each work is accompanied by the composer’s biography, composer comments and pedagogical advice. The grading will assist teachers is choosing repertoire of appropriate difficulty for study and as extra lists for examinations.

          • For Claire (Vivien Arnold), Grade 5, c.1'37
          • Prelude III (Jennifer Trynes), Grade 5, c.1'27
          • Nuages (Karlin G Love), Grade 5, c.2'59
          • Locrian Solitude (Jane Hammond), Grade 6, c.2'37
          • Honeyeater Waltz (Learne Faint), Grade 6, c.1'38
          • Time Travel (Jane Andino), Grade 6, c.1'56
          • Thinking of You (Betty Beath), Grade 6, c.2'30
          • Velvet Drop (Nicole Murphy), Grdae 7, c.2'08
          • The Stones Start Spinning (Amanda Handel), Grade 7, c.2'04
          • Star Dance (Keyna Wilkins), Grade 7, c.3'35
          • Illuminatio (Louise Denson), Grade 8, c.3'02
          • Crimson Rosella (Ann Carr-Boyd), Grade 8, c.3'08
          • Hot Wind, Red Dust and Rolling Weeds (Joanne Burrows), Grade 8, c.2'40
          • The Lost Waltz (May Howlett), Grade Dip., c.4'07
          • Sonata Neoclassica (Diana Blom), Grade Dip., c.4'44
          • Midnight at Mishka's (Jocelyn E Kotchie), Grade Dip., c.4'43

          Sheet music samples and the complete works on YouTube

              These works are now available separately, see titles in catalogue.

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              By Jane Andino

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              Flute and piano, c.3'40. Grade 6
              Composed 2012

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              ISMN 9790720126739
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              Chacarera Tropical

              By Jane Andino

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              Piano Solo, c.4'20.  Level of difficulty - advanced

              The chacarera is a dance form and rhythm originating in the rural areas of north-western Argentina. From there it spread to urban areas and became recognised as a national folk dance of Argentina. The tropical element in this composition is the middle quasi-improvised section, which uses a typical Cuban son four-bar chord progression. The son is a dance and song form originating in the rural areas of eastern Cuba. Like most Cuban music, it is an amalgam of the African and Spanish cultural origins of the country.  Composed 2016

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              By Jane Andino

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              Quintet for flute, violin, clarinet, double bass and piano, c.4'10
              Composed 2012

     performed by Alturas Cafe con Tango

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              ISMN 9790720126746
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              Haiku from Here

              By Jane Andino

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              Piano Solo in three movements.  Composed 2015
              Audio samples played by the composer. 

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              By Jane Andino

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              Flute duet and piano, c.4'30

              Recorded by Janet McKay and Hannah Reardon-Smith (flutes) and Leigh Harrold at the Australian Flute Festival 2013. Composed 2013

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              ISMN 9790720146379
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              Milonga del Viento

              By Jane Andino

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              Mixed ensemble for flute, violin, clarinet, double bass and piano, c.4'60

              Milonga del Viento means Milonga (Argentinean dance) of the Wind. Composed 2014

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              Summer Nights

              By Jane Andino

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              Clarinet and piano, in three movements, c.12'40

              Moonlight is played by Greg Gibson (clarinet) and Jane Andino (piano)
              Composed 2012

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              ISMN 9790720126753

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