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Childhood in Music CD

By Antonietta Loffredo

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Piano music by contemporary Australian and Italian composers played by Antonietta Loffredo. 
A University of Western Sydney project this interesting CD is the second by Antoinetta in a collaboration with the composers who have been encouraged to write new pieces inspired by chilhood, simplified only in its instrumental components without linguistic or aesthetic compromises to enhance the different poetics that mark the contemporary art music panorama.
Wirr 042

Scores by the Wirripang composers-  Sofia Marita, Ji Yun Lee, Michael Atherton and Diana Blom are available online.

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1 Swinging for Ari (Sofia Marita)
Kawaii Suite (Paul Smith)
2  Ponyo
3  Mokona 
4  'A' is for Alice (Holly Harrison)
5  Colour Variation I (Ji Yun Lee)
6 Nanna told me so (Me lo ha detto la nonna) (Michael Atherton)
7 - 13 Sette piccoli pezzi (Seven little pieces) (Massimo Priori )
14  Music for a snowy day (Francesco Schweizer)
15  Fogli dall'album - baluginii e distorsioni per pianoforte solo (Flares and distortion for piano solo) (Stefano Procaccioli)
16 The Cat's Meow (Diana Blom and Adrian Barr)

Jo-Wha (Oneness) - CD

By Various Composers

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A compilation created for the Intercultural Concert, 2006 Aurora Festival. Composers include Clare Maclean, Bruce Crossman, Ross Edwards, Stuart Greenbaum, Kim Cunio, Ji-Yun Lee, Michael Atherton and Anne Boyd.  Performed by Sydney Chamber Choir conducted by Paul Stanhope, Ian Munro, Diana Blom (piano), Michael Atherton (percussion), Lotte Latukefu, Heather Lee, Merlinda Bobis (vocal).

Print music for most of the works are available online.

Download samples
1  Kyrie (Clare Maclean) 
2  Daragang Magayon Cantata (Bruce Crossman)
3  Kumari (Ross Edwards)
4  First Light (Stuart Greenbaum)
5  Sh'mah Yisrael, Chant
5a The Temple Project
 (Kim Cunio)
6  Jo-Wha (Oneness) (Ji-Yun Lee)
7  Jiriyai! (Michael Atherton)
8  As I crossed a Bridge of Dreams (Anne Boyd)