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Kalliopeia sopha

By Michael Atherton

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SSA voices, suitable for high school and college students. c.4'00

The text of Kalliopeia Sopha comes from an ancient Greek song attributed in a manuscript to Mesomedes of Crete around 100AD. Mesomedes was a 'kitharode'  a composer of songs accompanied by the 'kithara' or lyre. In this composition the composer has given Mesomedes' words a new setting. Discount for multiple copies apply

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ISMN 9790720101323

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By Michael Atherton

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Orchestra, soprano, didjeridu and clapsticks, c.7'00

Kamawarah was commissioned by the New South Wales Centenary of Federation Committee on the occasion of the celebrations in Centennial Park, January 1, 2001 

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ISMN 9790720101262
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(140 pages)

Lullaby for Cara

By Michael Atherton

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Two voices and piano.  c.1'50

A Lullaby - words and music by Michael Atherton.  
Composed 2012

Price for hard copy includes two scores.

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ISMN 9790720151793
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Mahogany Ship, The

By Michael Atherton

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SSA choir, string quartet and percussion

A mahogany ship, relic or legend, is a thing to stir the imaginations of Australians. It was in 1846 that Captain John Mason of Port Fairy, Victoria, was riding his horse along a beach at Warrnambool, when he sighted a shipwreck. His written account of the incident has led to almost a hundred and fifty years of speculation over its origin and disappearance. 

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ISMN 9790720101316

Music of the Spirit CD

By Various Composers

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   Double CD featuring works by Michael Atherton, Anne Boyd, Diana
   Blom, Bruce Crossman, Houston Dunleavy, Ross Edwards, Ji-yun
   Lee, Garth Paine, Chinary Ung, SynC, austraLYSIS.


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Disc 1

1  Etymalong (Ross Edwards) 
2  Chun-Hyang Ka: Korean Love Song (Ji-Yun Lee)
Seven Mirrors  (3-9) (Chinary Ung)
3-9 Mvt 1,   Mvt 2,   Mvt 3,   Mvt 4
Mvt 5,   Mvt 6,   Mvt 7
10  Oku ou Talanoa mo Hoki Loto (Michael Atherton)
11  Double Resonances (Bruce Crossman)
Disc 2
 1  Sonic Alchemies (SynC)
 2  Fue Sho (Garth Paine)
 3  Earth and Space - IV (Houston Dunleavy)
 4  Spiral XI:  Mother and Child (Chinary Ung)
5  Angklung (Anne Boyd)
6  The Whale's Song (Diana Blom)
7  Ubasuteyama (austraL YSIS)  

Nine-Elemental Songs

By Various Composers

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A collaboration of fascinating works by Michael Atherton, Jim Franklin and Tony Wheeler - three multi-instrumentalists each with an instrumentarium covering Asian and Western instruments. 
Wirr 019

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1.  Behold the Yak (Atherton, Franklin, Wheeler
2.  Desert Threads (Jim Franklin)
3.  Stone Sutra Temple (Tony Wheeler)
4.  Fresco (Michael Atherton)
5.  3-Free-4 (Atherton, Franklin, Wheeler)
6.  Silkworms (Atherton, Franklin, Wheeler)
7.  Mahabodh (Stufen) (Jim Franklin)
8.  Mei hua san nong -Three variations on the Plum Blossom - traditional
9.  Qi (Atherton, Franklin, Wheeler)
10. 5-6-7 (Atherton, Franklin, Wheeler)

Nonna mi l'ha detto

By Michael Atherton

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Solo piano, c.4'30.  Certificate level
Nonna mi l'ha detto (Nanna told me so).  The music builds on a theme suggestion nostalgia in the voice of a grandmother sharing her life story with her grandchild.  The restatements of motivic material are like reminiscences. These give way to a dance section modelled on the calata from in early Renaissance Italian lute music.  Here, as a coda to reminiscence, the calata implies the spontaneity of the child in taking Nonna's hand in a dance.

Recorded by Antonietta Loffredo in Childhood in Music (Wirr 042) available online.

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ISMN 9790720106496
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Oku Ou Talanoa Mo Hoku Loto

By Michael Atherton

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Mezzo-Soprano with conch-shell, trumpet, puk or a tenor drum, ching or a tam tam, LP woodblock, palm-sized resonant beach or river pebbles. 

Oku Ou Talanoa Mo Hoku Loto is a Tongan saying, which means being in touch with the heart or communicating with oneself. It was chosen reflect to Tongan cultural expression in poetry, music. c.12'00

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ISMN 9790720101200 

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By Michael Atherton

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Clarinet and percussion, c.10'00

The main instruments - a clarinet (aerophone) and a vibraphone (tuned metallophone) - are often competing for the same space, sometimes in strict unison, and sometimes overlaying each other. This dialogue commences with a bass drum pulse influenced by a changgo and puk ostinato heard in Korean samul nori percussion. The percussion challenges the clarinet to ?speak?, setting up a call and response interchange. This leads to restless clarinet interjections, which are interspersed with restrained vibraphone gestures. Flurries of compression are contrasted with laissez vibrer rejoinders and vice versa. The dialogue culminates in a dance-like finale. 

Patina is recorded on the CD Creative Explosion (Wirr 028) available online

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ISMN 9790720101279
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Radum, Scadum, Rubbido!

By Michael Atherton

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Voices and piano.

A parody of the English cumulative song, ‘Green grow the rushes O',  Australianised to celebrate and mimic our animals, and included the archetypal swagman and his jumbuck. Performances will benefit from a workshop approach, exploring the song’s theatrical possibilities.  Performers are free to substitute different animals, and the song may be performed with any number of verses.  The only proviso is that a performance should be fun, ocker, and given to a bit of cheesy pantomime. 
Composed 1996 rev, 2014

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ISMN 9790720146669

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By Atherton & Crossman

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7 works by Michael Atherton and Bruce Crossman. Resophonica is a collaboration of two brilliant musicians and composers with intuitive improvisation providing 73 minutes of enthralling listening.
Wirr 026

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1  bunyip blues
2  resophonica
3  tik tik
4  water dragon (palimpsest)
5  snajo for jylee
6  pentaphonia
7  off-the-rail blues 

Rock Pool, The

By Michael Atherton

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SATB, piano and cello, c.3'00.

Words by Australian poet Peter Skryznecki.  
Composed 2012

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ISMN 9790720126913

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