Composers' Series, The - Volume 2(b) Educational Piano Works (Hesse)

By Marjorie Hesse

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Marjorie Hessie

41 pieces for solo piano  are represented in this collection and includes  biographical notes about the composer, editorial and performance notes about each piano composition and the scores.

Marjorie Hesse was a performer, but like many performers earned the bulk of her income from teaching, and later examining, piano students. The bulk of her compositions are for students – mainly those she taught herself - and those works are dedicated to individuals by name. She wrote for students of different levels of attainment and her works all had a pedagogical focus. The focus was sometimes a technical one but often was aimed at increasing musical or tonal awareness. The works in this volume have been ordered by difficulty level beginning with the very basic works for piano.

Researched and edited by Jeanell Carrigan

Volume 2(b): Marjorie Hesse

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