Forest Magic - CD

By Jeanell Carrigan

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  Jeanell Carrigan (piano)

Piano Miniatures by Australian Composers

Lindley Evans, Frank Hutchens, Mirrie Solomon [Hill], Miriam Hyde, Roy Agnew, Alfred Hill, Hooper Brewster-Jones, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Josephine Bell, Iris de Cairos-Rego, Esther Kahn

“Faintly shrouded by a gentle mist
The trees within the wood resemble dreams.” (Franz Holford)

In the early 1900s in Australia almost every home contained a piano. A sturdy upright with a metal frame taking pride of place in the parlour and providing hours of entertainment in the form of sing-alongs and musical evenings. Consequently, many songs and a great deal of piano music was composed which could be performed in the home environment, but also many works designed for the concert platform.
On this themed recording there are examples of piano music written by composers who were all born in the nineteenth or very early twentieth century, who lived throughout that century writing music describing their impressions of the world around them. There are works about forests, leafy lanes, mists, and joyful rain. There is a cacophony of bird sounds and just as trees can resemble dreams this music creates dreams and visions.

Cover photograph by Catherine McCorkill

Wirr 109

Download samples 

[1]    Forest Magic (no date) – Frank Hutchens
[2]    The Leafy Lanes of Kent (1950) – Mirrie Hill
[3]    Dawn (no date) – Linda Phillips
[4]    Woodland Sketch (1966) – Miriam Hyde
[5]    Joyous Rain (1942) – Alfred Hill
[6]    Murmuring Trees (1936) – Josephine Bell
[7]    The Old Gum Tree (1963) – Lindley Evans
[8]    The Elm Tree (1935) – Iris de Cairos-Rego
[9]    Two Little Birds (1944) – Frank Hutchens
[10]  Willow Wind (1973) – Mirrie Hill
[11]  Butterflies (1958) – Linda Phillips
[12]  Rabbit Hill (1928) – Roy Agnew
[13]  Doves (1932) – Alfred Hill
[14]  Midst Heather and Wattle (1949) – Esther Kahn
[15]  Pastoral (1936) – Peggy Glanville-Hicks
[16]  Flight (no date) – Linda Phillips
[17]  Bell Birds (1963) – Lindley Evans
[18]  Noon (1958) – Linda Phillips 
[19]  Blackbird’s Song – Miriam Hyde
[20]  Fragrance (1936) – Lindley Evans
[21]  Wattle Bird in the Garden Hooper Brewster-Jones
[22]  The Distant MagpieHooper Brewster-Jones
[23]  The Peaceful Dove (1923-1926) Hooper Brewster-Jones 
[24]  Hushed is my Garden (no date) – Linda Phillips
[25]  Drifting Mists – Roy Agnew
[26]  Return at Sunset (no date) – Linda Phillips 
[27]  At the Setting of the Sun (1911) – Mirrie Hill
[28]  Evening (1954) – Frank Hutchens                                            

Sheet music and samples are available for many of these works visit:

Lindley Evans
Frank Hutchens
Esther Kahn
Hooper Brewster-Jones
Linda Phillips
Peggy Glanville-Hicks
Mirrie Hill
Josephine Bell
Iris de Carios-Rego
Roy Agnew
Miriam Hyde