Kaleidoscope - Woodwinds for beginners

By Joanne Burrows, Ann Carr-Boyd, Brennan Keats

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Solos, duets and trios - for beginner students.

The Kaleidoscope series is aimed to provide teachers with a resource that has multiple options regarding the combination of keys, instrumental parts, repertoire, solo works and ensemble pieces including duets, trios and quartets providing flexi-score arrangements. For Theory, Musicianship, Music Craft

  • A range of genre’s and different composers are included across a number of different books.
  • Part one of the duets can be played as a solo piece.
  • The pieces are designed to build sight-reading and performance skills for instrumental students.
  • Playing with other students encourages peer learning, is motivating and fun and a great way to introduce performance for the shy or timid student.
  • Most of the piano parts are intentionally simple, so that a piano student may provide the accompaniment for either the solo or the duet.

In the easy and medium difficulty volumes pieces are presented in several keys.

    • Sometimes the arrangement of the duets is slightly modified to suit the range of the instrument or the difficulty level, thus the parts I and II are not identical across each key.
    • There is a simple piano accompaniment for most of the duets and may be performed by a student or the teacher.
    • Parts are included where required.

        Compiled 2018

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