Making My Own Music

By Joanne Burrows

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61 exercises in this collection for easy keyboard improvisation.

A resource book for practicing chords, fillers and improvisation using chord charts.  It is a wonderful thing to be able to sit at the piano and make music. Improvising is like writing a letter or short story. Everyone can improvise, so encourage students not to be afraid to try and focus on enjoying the process rather than the product. Improvising is not about finding the next Bach, Mozart or Oscar Peterson, it is about freedom to make music. Remind students that simple is great and their ideas have merit. 

Making My Own Music provides a simple step-by-step process with suggested activities for the teacher and student to use to develop improvisation skills. The material can be used in the sequence given, or as the teacher and student choose. The exercises and repertoire in the book have been used very successfully with students of all ages from the very young to adult. For younger students with small hands make adaptations to the given ideas, for example: use two note chords instead of three.

The preface outlines the many ways the examples may be used and re-used as new skills are acquired. The unexpected of adding improvisation to each lesson and weekly practice at home significantly increases student motivation to play each day. Once students are at the piano, improvising and creating, it seems the scales, studies and pieces are practiced as well.  
Compiled 2014

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