Rag Rave

By Yvonne Anthony

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10 Rags pieces piano solos with improvisation opportunities.   Grade 5 - 8

  • Grasshopper Rag, c.2'32
  • How Many Times do I have to tell you? Rag c.2'01
  • Daisy Hill Rag, c.2'14
  • Christmas Time Rag (I Need a Friend) (with optional vocal), c.2'33
  • Copperfield Cakewalk, c.2'45
  • Chocolate Muffin Rag, c.2'35
  • Glad Doll Rag, c.2'06
  • Runcorn Rag, c.2'42
  • Engine Room Rag, c.2'37 (Grade 6 ANZCA syllabus),
  • Reggae Rag - duet, c.1'57

          Composed 2005

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          ISMN 9790720226972
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