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Australian Women Composers' Piano Anthology Volume III

By Katie Zhukov

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Grades Intermediate (5th) to Advanced (Dip.)

15 piano works by Wirripang-published, Australian Women Composers 2020.  

Again, especially written and selected for this volume as edited by Katie Zhukov and it includes a CD of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov.  

This third volume of new piano repertoire by Australian women composers is a companion to the Australian Women Composers’ Piano Anthology (2015)  and Volume II (2017) published earlier by Wirripang.

Commissioning new work from established and emerging composers provides an opportunity for women’s voices to be heard in the Australian classical music arena that tends to be dominated by live and recorded performances of music by male composers. Introducing new generations of piano students to music by women composers helps drive the grassroots campaign for gender equality in Australian classical music.
The pieces vary in style from Romantic to contemporary, neo-classical, and jazz-influenced idioms.
Each work is accompanied by the composer’s biography, composer comments and pedagogical advice. The grading will assist teachers is choosing repertoire of appropriate difficulty for study and as extra lists for examinations.

Sheet music samples and links to the complete works on YouTube

Australian Women Composers' Piano Anthology - sheet music

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          Dance of the Ballerina Marionette

          By Sonia Sozio

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          Mixed Ensemble, c.1'30.  Intermediate grade
          (Percussion, marimba, harp)

          This work aims to capture the light and graceful dancing of a ballerina marionette on point who dreams to be free of her strings. She is so immersed in the music as she elegantly leaps, pirouettes and dances around the stage that she does not realise that the strings are released from her arms and legs in the last three bars of the piece.

          Composed 2020

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          ISMN 9790720227924
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          Earth Saturn Jupiter

          By Sonia Sozio

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          Flute and piano, c.4'30.  Grade 6

          Inspired by the awe and wonder of the Heavens and the Earth. What beautiful mysteries lay yonder in the depth of the universe, still to be explored.

          Composed 2020

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          ISMN 9790720227927
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          Haunted Mansion

          By Sonia Sozio

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          Solo piano, c.2'10.  Grade 7

          Let your performance of this piece create the eerie atmosphere and let your imagination take you there through the music.

          Composed 2021

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            ISMN 9790673140127
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            Movie Night!

            By Sonia Sozio

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            Vibraphone and piano c.1'55.  Grade 6

            This rhythmic composition is based on a limited pitch set of four different note names: F Gb C and Db. With a last whisper in the vibraphone, Movie Night descends into silence and beyond. What lays within this piece, is to be left to the imagination of the movie lover!

            Composed 2020

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              ISMN 9790720227900
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              Out of Time, Volume 1 - Sacred

              By choral

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              Various choral combinations, incl. SATB with and without divisi, unison voices, 2 part, with optional accompaniments variously for organ, and solo melodic line instrument. 

              The two volumes of Out of Time are asynchronous choral art music. Sacred and secular works by six Australian composers to celebrate the musical aesthetic resulting from the interesting aleatoric effects created by asynchronous choral writing, and can be performed live or online.

                  • Psalm 105 – Diana Blom
                  • Come Done, O Love Divine – Brett McKern
                  • Rejoice in the Lord Alway - Brett McKern
                  • The Word – Sonia Sozio
                  • Praise Ye - Brett McKern
                  • Bowral Service (Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis) – Brett McKern
                  • Exodus: Bells and Pomegranates - Diana Blom

                   Sample pages

                  Out of Time, Volume I - sheet music

                      ISMN 9790720231532

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