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Australian Choral Anthology Volume 1 - SATB

By choral

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16 works for SATB with distinctly Australian content, composed by various Australian composers.

A ‘call for scores’ requested that the word content must be of ‘distinctly Australian flavour’. More than 40 works were submitted, obviously more than one volume!  Hence, three volumes have emerged with one each for SATB choirs (mostly with piano accompaniment); a SA choir; and choir with instruments other than piano (with separate instrument parts).  As a result, their words have captured our Australian fabric; gum trees, many types of birds - kookaburras, magpies, currawong, even the Noisy Miner, and more - brumbies, bushfires, climate, seasons, and of course, arrangements of traditional folk songs.

Overall, we have tried to make this project as accessible as possible to ensure that this Australian music is heard and appreciated by many and enjoyed by the singers. 

Multiple choir copies of any of the works can be purchased individually under license at very reasonable rates. Please contact

Enjoy these new Australian pieces!

  • Andy’s Gone with Cattle – John Martin
  • Brumbies – Carolyn Morris
  • Country Towns - Vivien Arnold
  • Ghost Gum – Tania Owens
  • Australian Bird Song – Joanne Burrows
  • Noisy Miners – Diana Blom
  • The Old Grey Gum – Robert Burrell
  • Bushfire Smoke Haze 0300 Day 30 – Brennan Keats
  • Country Towns #2 – Vivien Arnold
  • Early Summer – Brett McKern
  • Imprints in Fire Ash - Brennan Keats
  • Monsoon Time – Louise Denson
  • Moreton Bay – John D’Arcy
  • So Autumn Comes – Jocelyn E Kotchie
  • The Wild Colonial Boy – John Martin
  • Uluru – Thomas McConochie

     Sample page of each work

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        Piano Progressions Anthology Two

        By Katie Zhukov

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        Grades 3 to 6

        32 piano works by Wirripang-published, Australian composers. 

        New repertoire for Piano Progressions was commissioned from Australian male and female composers to celebrate 10 years since the release of Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology in 2011. The first anthology consisted of three books, with 46 new works from Grade One to Diploma level. The success of this publication had led to two Australian Women Composers’ Anthologies in 2015 and 2019 and a third in 2021, all aiming at intermediate-to-advanced piano students. The feedback from teachers indicated the need for more repertoire at beginner-to-intermediate level, resulting in the two books of Piano Progressions that provide fresh teaching materials from Preliminary to Grade 6 level.

        Especially written and selected for this volume as edited by Katie Zhukov

            Sheet music samples

            Piano Progressions Anthology Two - sheet music

            and YouTube links

            Listen to the following selection of pieces from Anthologies One and Two performed by students of Riverina Conservatorium of Music, Wagga Wagga, courtesy RCM.

            Sample recital performance:

            A Sedate Little Waltz (Ann Carr-Boyd)
            Dappled Light (Robert Burrell)
            Blue Funk (John D'Arcy)
            Far Away, Long Ago (R J Stove)
            Phantom of the Pyramid (Amanda Handel)
            Melody from the Fridge (John D'Arcy)
            Trunky Creek Blues (Ann Carr-Boyd)
            Sunset Serene (Mark Matthews)
            Promise of Hope (Learne Faint)

                  ISMN 9790720231587

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                  Piano Suite No. 3

                  By Thomas McConochie

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                  Solo piano, c.15:00.  Genre: Neo-Classical
                  Canine Suite is in four movements, with each movement depicting the temperament and personality a different breed of dog.  Composed 2018:
                  • Jack Russel Terrier, c.3'37 - Grade 7. Tempo: Allegro Vivace
                  • Bassett Hound, c.3'40 - Grade 6. Tempo: Andante
                  • Pugs, c.3'15 - Grade 6-7.  Tempo: Allegro Vivace
                  • Hunting Dogs, c.3'30 - Grade 6.  Allegro Vivace

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                  Sonata for Tuba and Piano

                  By Thomas McConochie

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                  Tuba and Piano in three movements, total duration c.11'00. 

                  This tuba sonata is a highly original and accessible contribution to solo tuba music. The music combines post-modern harmonies with neo-classical form. The first movement has a dreamy, floating quality achieved through sparse orchestration combined with ambiguous harmonies. The tuba part is technically challenging as it contains long phrases, played softly in the high register.

                  Composed 2018

                  • 1st Movement, c.2'55
                  • Genre:   Neo-classical
                  • Grade: Grade 7, Grade 8, Diploma Level
                  • Tempo: Moderato
                  • 2nd Movement, c.3'16
                  • Genre:   Neo-classical
                  • Grade: Grade 7, Grade 8, Diploma Level
                  • Tempo: Allegro
                  • 3rd Movement, c.3'40
                  • Genre:   Neo-classical
                  • Grade: Grade 7, Grade 8, Diploma Level
                  • Tempo: Allegro vivace
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                  Sonatina in Classical Style

                  By Thomas McConochie

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                  Horn and Piano in three movements, c.7'00, grade 5

                  This horn sonatina is a 21st century composition yet is also faithful to 18th century musical style and horn playing technique. Thus, the piece can be played on either valve horn or natural horn. When played on valve horn, the piece is suitable for intermediate horn player (AMEB Grade 5) and up. Advanced level horn players will also enjoy performing this piece on natural horn.
                  The sonatina is in classical sonata form. The first movement contrasts a main subject based on a descending tonic chord arpeggio with a second subject that is more lyrical and stepwise. The second movement combines long tones in the horn line with the piano accompaniment moving underneath; the movement is simple and hymn-like in style and harmony. The third movement is a rondo in 6/8 time that will have classically trained horn players feeling right at home!

                  Composed 2020

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                    Starry Night Over Ubud

                    By Thomas McConochie

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                    Balinese-Style Music for Orchestra, c.6'00
                    Inspired by a visit to Ubud in Bali, Indonesia and includes many aspects of Balinese gamelan music. Commissioned for the 70th Anniversary of the North Sydney Symphony Orchestra, gala concert in 2017.

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                      Ten Jazzy Etudes for Low Horn

                      By Thomas McConochie

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                      10 Etudes for Horn in F, total duration c.20'00, grade 8

                      These pieces contribute to the horn repertoire by providing tuneful
                      music for solo horn that focuses on low register playing in jazz styles.  The music is suitable for advanced level horn players (AMEB Grade 8 and above) and professionals.
                      The etudes are infused with a variety of jazzy styles, including early trad jazz, blues, hard bop, and swing band. Only etudes No.3 and No.4 use straight quavers; the other eight etudes use varying amounts of swing, depending on the style of the music.

                      Composed 2020

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                        Three Famous Chinese Poems

                        By Thomas McConochie

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                        Arranged for Brass Ensemble, c.9'00, grade 6 and above

                        These three poems are among the most famous in Chinese literature and come from the golden age of Chinese poetry, the Tang Dyansty (608-907 CE). Each poem was composed by one of three contemporary poets who knew one another personally, namely, Meng Haoran (孟浩然) (689/691-740 CE), Li Bai (李白), (701-762 CE) and Wang Wei (王維) (699-759 CE).
                        The poems use wistful imagery to arouse bitter-sweet feelings. Morning in Springtime evokes images of beauty in springtime such as dawn, chirping birds, but also countless beautiful flowers being blown down in a storm. Quiet Night Thoughts draws on imagery of the moon, associated with longing, to create a sense of sadness among the serenity of a quiet night. What I Most Pine For relates
                        wishing one’s friend well, even though he (or she) may sadly be far away.

                        Composed 2020

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                          Three Jazzy Horn Duets

                          By Thomas McConochie

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                          Horn duets, total duration c.5'00.  Level of difficulty intermediate to advanced.

                          These duets combine jazz music aesthetics with classical conventions of form, notation, and the division of parts between the players. Composed to provide classically trained horn players with light-hearted jazzy music that is strictly notated and technically accessible. 

                          Composed 2018

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