Art Song

Basque Lullaby, Op.1a

By Jonathan Little

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Voice and piano, c.2'00
Grade: 6
Tempo: Slow
Genre: Neo-classical
Composed: 1985 rev. 2004

This soothing miniature is a setting of a traditional Basque lullaby for voice and piano, in ternary form. A good deal of vocal control is needed, because of the long, sustained notes of its flowing melody line.

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ISMN M720060187
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Beauty (Howlett)

By May Howlett

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Med to High voice and piano, c.2'00

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ISMN 9790720078960
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Beauty Herself is Black

By Richard Peter Maddox

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Tenor and piano. Grade LMus
Four Shakespeare settings. Composed 1998

1. Sonnet CXXVII c.2'00
2. Sonnet CXXX c.2'00
3. Sonnet CXXXI c.2'00
4. Sonnet CXXXII c.4'00
Composed 1998

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Before the Spring (Hyde)

By Miriam Hyde

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Voice and piano, c.1'10

Words by Miriam Hyde. Composed 1943
AMEB Manual List D, Level 2 7th grade (all voices and mezzo-soprano and contralto)

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ISMN 9790720065649
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Berceuse for a Grandchild

By John Wayne Dixon

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Mezzo Soprano and piano,  c.4'20

To celebrate the birth of a new grandchild - words by Sylvia Rice.  
Composed 2013
Audio: Ayse Göknur Shanal (soprano), Patrick Keith (piano)

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ISMN 9790720133782
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Bid Me to Live

By John Martin

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A cycle of three songs for low voice and piano
Composed 2015

  • 1. Bid Me to Live (Herrick)
  • 2. She Walks in Beauty (Byron)
  • 3. Blow Thou Winter Wind (Shakespeare)

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 ISMN 9790720171739

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Blue Wren and the Butcher-bird, The (Wright)

By Hugh Dixon

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Soprano and piano, c.4'34, Grade 8 

Descriptive setting of poem by Judith Wright incorporates authentic pitches of Butcher-bird call at mid-point in this song.  
Composed 2004

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ISMN M720041742
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Bone of My Bones

By Larry Sitsky

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Five songs for voice and piano.  Composed 1998
  • 1.  Introduction
  • 2.  Love is Life's End
  • 3.  Down by the Salley Gardens
  • 4.  Cabaret Song
  • 5.  When we Parted

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ISMN 9790720164571 

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Brennan Songs - volume

By Horace Keats

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A collection of 11 songs for soprano and piano set to poems of Christopher J Brennan.

Recorded by soprano Jane Parkin, (Sharon Olde, second soprano) and pianist Clemens Leske on A Poet's Composer (Wirr 040) (samples below), and by Wendy Dixon and David Miller on Echo (ABC Classics) both CDs available online

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  • How Old is My Heart - audio and sheet music
  • I am Shut Out of Mine Own Heart - audio and sheet music
  • My Heart was Wandering in the Sand - audio and sheet music
  • Of Old, On Her Terrace at Evening - audio and sheet music
  • Once I Could Sit by the Fire Hourlong - audio and sheet music
  • Peace Dwells in Blessing - audio and sheet music
  • Spring Breezes - audio and sheet music
  • The Point of Noon - audio and sheet music
  • We Sat Entwined - audio and sheet music
  • White Wind - audio and sheet music
  • Drowsy Chime - audio (for two sopranos) and sheet music


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     ISMN M720007762

      Brown Pansies

      By Ann Carr-Boyd

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      Song cycle for Soprano/Mezzo Soprano and piano, c.10'00, Grade 8. 
      Three contrasting movements in various styles ranging from the impressionistic and romantic nature of Brown Pansies, to the spoken improvisation and plainsong-inspired Parchment Rose to the free Country and Western feel of Blues in Green.
      • 1.  Brown Pansies, c.1'40
      • 2.  Parchment Rose, c. 2'30
      • 3.  Blues in Green, c.4'50
      Composed 2005

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      ISMN 9790720159515

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      But for the Bell-like Songs, Op.61

      By Victor Morrison

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      Soprano solo, c.2'50

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      ISMN 9790720226217

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      Cat, The (Howlett)

      By May Howlett

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      Medium to High voice and piano, c.1'50
      Composed 2010

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      ISMN 9790720106328
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