Chamber Music

Allegro Vivace for Strings

By Betty Beath

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For violin 1, 2, viola, cello and double bass, c.2'40
A companion piece to Adagio for Strings "Lament for Kosovo". It draws on that work's concluding expressions of optimism, now transformed to express the energy and exhilaration which accompany the joy experienced in a celebration of life.

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 ISMN M720065

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Celtic Cross

By Peter Rankine

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A Dialogue for violin and chamber orchestra c.10'00

The concept of this works was to marry something of the lyricism and the sonorities of Celtic folk music with the forces and language of a contemporary classical chamber orchestra. Sounds and techniques of fiddle playing are referenced, such as the style of ornamentation shared by fiddle, flute and pipe of contemporary and historical folk practice.
Composed 1992 rev. 2022

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ISMN 9790673140813
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Chinese Sonata (Russell Keats)

By Brennan Keats

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Sonata for flute, cello and piano, c.5'30.  Grade 6

Composed by Russell Keats for his friend, Gordon Watson, 1936.  Edited by Brennan Keats 2020.

This is the only surviving work of my brother Russell, the others lie with him at about 2000 feet in the ocean depths off Savo Island in his ship HMAS Canberra (1). At the insistence of our mother he took his music on what was to become Canberra’s final departure from Sydney Harbour.

As students of the Conservatorium of NSW (now Sydney Conservatorium of Music) both Russell and Gordon Watson fell under the spell of Raymond Hanson.

This work reflects the times in China during 1936, the date of its composition. Civil war prevailed between the government of the Republic of China and The Chinese Communist Party. To the writer there is a sense of foreboding in the music with an ostinato piano line almost unchanging throughout the entire work. There may also have been murmurings of Japan’s invasion of China in the year to follow that have crept into the work.

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ISMN 9790673410264

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Composers' Series, The - Volume 1(c) Chamber Music (de Cairos-Rego)

By Iris De Cairos-Rego

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Iris de Cairos-Rego

Three Chamber works for violins, cello and piano.

Composed 1959; 1957; c.1912 respectively

These chamber works have now been recorded  and are the only known recordings of any of the works. The CD is included with the hard copy purchase.

Violin 1: Goetz Richter
Violin 2: (for both quartets only) Li Gu
Cello: Minah Choe
Piano: Jeanell Carrigan

  • Folk Dance, c.2'00 audio
  • The Old Stone Bridge, c.2'25 audio
  • Trio in A Minor, c.26'00
    (i) Andante Moderato audio
    (ii) Allegretto Moderato audio
    (iii) Andante Tranquillo audio
    (iv)  Allegro audio

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    Researched, edited and recorded by Jeanell Carrigan

    Volume I(c) - Iris de Cairos-Rego

    ISMN 9790720214719
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    De Rerum Natura

    By Peter Mcnamara

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    Voice and chamber orchestra

    De Rerum Natura is a 6-part song cycle setting portions of Titus Lucretius Carus’ same-titled 6-volume ancient Latin literary work, completed in c. 50-5 BCE. De Rerum Natura can be translated as The Nature of Things, and is a sophisticated didactic text explaining the world around us, consisting of poetry, prose and scientific theory of the antiquity. Lucretius outlines the flaws as he sees them in ancient religion, that the souls of men are mortal and the world made up of infinite fine particles, using a similar text written 200 years previous by ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus (341-270 BCE) as a model. The text is pronounced according to the principles of classical pronunciation, which is how linguists believe that Latin was spoken in ancient Rome.

    The six movements of De Rerum Natura, are divided into two related groups of three movements (1, 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6). The first song has a very flowing character while the second is much more rhythmically driven and tense. The fourth song is related to the first harmonically, but with the tense and rhythmically driven character of the second. The fifth song meanwhile is related to the second harmonically, but with the flowing character of the first. The third and sixth songs are also closely related by way of their rhythmically free and semi-improvised character, creating two related yet contrasting overall divisions of the song cycle.
    Composed 2018-20

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    ISMN 9790720231693

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    By Brendan Collins

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    String orchestra in five movements, c.13'00.  Level of difficulty for senior high school students.

    Review by Judy Hellmers

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    ISMN 9790673142350

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    Eagle and The Whale, The

    By Brennan Keats

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    For chamber ensemble, flute, clarinets and cello,  c.3'40

    This miniature chamber work illustrates an imagined meeting between these two large creatures whose normal habitats are the extremities of our globe. Out of this exchange flows the concept of melody.

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        ISMN 9790673140202

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        Early in Autumn (chamber ensemble)

        By Horace Keats

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        For chamber ensemble and piano, c.2'50

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        ISMN 9790673140158

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        Introduction and Allegro

        By Paul Paviour

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        for Chamber Orchestra, c.5'00

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        ISMN 9790720078847

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        Lament for Victims of War (chamber orchestra)

        By Betty Beath

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        For violin 1, 2, viola, cello and double bass, c.10'00

        Written originally for mandolins and later for piano, the composer believed that the work needed the warmth and voice of strings to commuinicate the Lament for Kosovo but also for the suffering of those in the East Timor conflict.

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        ISMN M720065939
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        Puppet Play in Java

        By Betty Beath

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        String Orchestra, c.3'00

        Puppet Play in Java was inspired by the music of Sunda, West Java and of the street musicians heard playing in Bandung and Jogjakarta. Street musicians singing as they played and sometimes spontaneously move into dance, all being part of the colourful and relaxed life of Java. The composer sought to capture some of that relaxed and playful spirit in this work. 

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         ISMN 97907201012408

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        Sailing Boats

        By Miriam Hyde

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        Flute, oboe, clarinet and piano, c.1'40

        Written in 1969 for the students of Trinity Grammar School, Melbourne.
        It is associated, in the composer's mind, with Van Gogh's pencil drawing of Fishing Boats. The flowing semiquaver movement in the piano suggests the running, restless sea, while the wind instruments supply a lilting background, as the many little craft tilt their sails and their masts with the bobbing of the waves. The chief melodic material is heard at first on the flute, but is shared later by the oboe and clarinet.

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