Mixed ensemble


By Phillip Wilcher

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Flute or violin, cello, piano,  c.3'50
Composed 2004

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Peripheral Visions

By Peter Dart

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Clarinet, Viola and Piano, c.14'35.  Advanced
Three movements:

  • Reflections and Shadow: 4:55
  • Above the Somme: 4:00
  • After Cezanne: 5:40

Peripheral Visions is for clarinet, viola and piano—the combination used by Mozart in his so-called ‘Kegelstatt’ Trio. Like the Mozart, the tempo between each of the movements is essentially the same, although differences of metre ensure differences of character.

Inspiration for the work came from reading Unrecounted, a collection of poems by W.G. Sebald with accompanying drawings by Jan Peter Tripp. The act of seeing is a central theme of the collection. Tripp’s drawings are portraits that focus on the eyes of his subjects. Sebald’s texts are typically enigmatic, highlighting the marginal and impermanent—things that escape observation, on the edges of awareness, visions that highlight the peripheral.
Composed 2022

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      Poems from "Sung to Shahryar"

      By Horace Keats

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      Soprano and oboe or violin, c.5'00

      • Grade: 7
      • Genre: Neo classical
      • Date c.1934
      • Tempo: From the "Arabian Nights" also known as "The Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night".
      Words by E. Powys Mathers. 

      (i)    Hammam of Delicious Bathing
      (ii)   Dates
      (iia) Dates
      (iii)  Haroun's Favourite Song

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        Sassy Waitress on the Caribbean Cruise, The

        By Gina Ismene Chitty

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        For celesta, bongo drums, piano and two marimbas, c.4'00

        A lively young nineteen year-old waitress on a cruise ship loads an excessive number of glasses on her tray and tries hard to hold the tray in a steady position while the boat rocks and rolls gently.  She moves rhythmically to the music in the cocktail bar, dressed in a short red dress, fancy high heeled boots and a scarlet cap.

        A select few young men are trying out dance moves and the young waitress becomes distracted. She yearns to join this high-energy group in their fun. But this is her first job, so she decides, rather ruefully, not to join in the fun and risk getting fired.

        Composed 2020

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            Six Leaves from Leunig's Prayer Tree

            By Richard Peter Maddox

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            Alto/mezzo-soprano, viola, cello and piano.  Grade 6
            Composed 2011
              • Let it go, c.1:30
              • God bless our contradictions, c.1:40
              • God help us to live slowly, c.2:00
              • We give thanks for singers, c.2:00
              • God bless this tiny little boat, c.1:45
              • Love is born, c.1:15

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                Suite in Orange

                By Ann Carr-boyd

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                Flute, viola and bass ensemble, c.14'00

                Suite in Orange is a work in three movements for flute, viola and double bass. The unusual combination of instruments inspired the composer to write a work in a classical style, but with many references to the world of jazz. The work incorporates glissandi, notes from the blues scale, jazz chords and relaxed rhythms.  Composed 1994

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                They, who fly with wings of glass

                By Peter Wilson

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                For bass flute and cello.  Grade - A.Mus

                I was fascinated by the idea of freedom and beauty versus fragility and mortality. With these parameters in mind, I constructed the phrase they, who fly with wings of glass. This title has impacted directly on architectural and strictly musical parameters, informing the choice of instrumentation, colour, register, mood and form. PW
                Composed 2013

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                Thirteen Grace Notes for Water

                By Richard Peter Maddox

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                Mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet and marimba, c.14'00 

                Words by Yve Louis.  
                Composed 2013

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                Three Mantras

                By Christina Green

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                Ensemble for djembe, guitar, alto saxophone and alto voice, c.7'00

                These three pieces were inspired by three mantras used in Tibetan Buddhist traditions.  Each piece is constructed around the rhythm of the words of its mantra played repetitively by the djembe, while the other parts were composed over this foundation.  
                Composed 2008

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                By Hugh Dixon

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                Violin, horn, piano in three movements, c.21'30
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                Undone Years, The - Fire

                By David Keeffe

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                Concerto for tenor saxophone with strings, piano and timpani, in four movements c.25'00

                The Undone Years is a line from Strange Meeting by the WWI war poet Wilfred Owen.  Owen's poetry combines masterful poetic craft with the most unrestrained imagery and brings home his first-hand experience of the horrors of the Great War.  The resulting work is of dark contrasts, exploring the idea of "what might have been", whether death and destruction or renewed life. 
                Composed 2010 

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                Woven by Moonlight (harp)

                By Phillip Wilcher

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                Flute or violin, harp/piano and cello, c.7'30
                Composed 2011

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