Piano Advanced Grades

Black Mountain

By Learne Faint

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Solo piano, c.6'45.  Advanced level of difficulty
Inspired by the beauty, terror and folklore of the black volcanic mountains of Cooktown,Northern Queensland.  Composed 2010

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Blowing in the Wind

By Barbara Durham

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Five piano solos for advanced grades

Composed 2004

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"Wind Chimes" AMEB Piano Certificate of Performance List C and the VCE Pianoforte Music Prescribed List of notated solos works.
"Blowing in the Wind: Australia" is the same collection previously self published by the composer and as cited in the AMEB syllabus.

ISMN 9790720151021
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By May Howlett

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Solo piano, c.3'30.  Advanced grade
A fun piece - a trip on a ferry to Manly Beach - the crowds, a picnic, surf, sand and rain!  Composed 2014

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Boulevard Waltz, The for two pianos

By Ann Carr-boyd

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For two pianos, four hands, c.9'20
Composed 2008, rev 2011
Hard copy price includes set of two scores

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Breathless Lover

By Houston Dunleavy

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Solo piano c.8'00

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ISMN M720011156
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Brownhill Creek in Spring

By Miriam Hyde

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Solo piano, c. 5'50,  AMEB Grade, LMusA TCL, LTCL.
Composed 1942

Recorded and performed by the composer on: Reflected Reeds (Wirr 092), Piano Imagery (Wirr 084), Valley of Rocks (Wirr 085) - available online.
Also, recorded by John Martin on Another Look at Autumn (Wirr 102) available online.

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By Phillip Wilcher

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Solo piano, c.3'50. Suggested grade L.Mus - Professional

"Bundanon" is the gracious home and property owned by the late Arthur Boyd and his wife, Yvonne and gifted to the State of New South Wales. It is situated on the Shoalhaven River surrounded by spectacular cliffs and together with the landscape, provided Arthur Boyd with inspiration for many of his paintings. And so this piece is dedicated to their grandson, the International pianist, Alexander Boyd.

Recorded on the CD titled Bundanon, by Jeanell Carrigan (Wirr 023)

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ISMN M720065960
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Burlesque and Scherzo in G

By Miriam Hyde

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Piano Solo,  c. 3'30
  • 1 Burlesque,  LMusA.  Composed 1933
  • 2 Scherzo in G, Grade AMusA. Composed 1937   

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Burst of Bushflowers, A

By Amanda Handel

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Solo piano, c.2'15. Grade 7
The emotional simplicity of the tune conveys an easy-going enjoyment of nature, while the background chordal and percussive components represent the surrounding organic elements such as: soil and rocks, leaf litter and root systems, trees and bushes, insect and birdlife…. The music celebrates the inter-connectedness of all things in the natural world. The piece is written on a B flat tonic pitch in pentatonic tonality.  Composed 2012

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Bus Ticket Variations

By Tony Wheeler

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Piano solo, c.5'00.  Grade 8 - Certificate of Performance
The theme for this set of variations was composed using a series of numbers on bus tickets.  The tickets were all purchased and used on a daily basis during a period of one week and were of a single trip variety, with the exception of one which was a day ticket with multiple rides.  To derive pitches from numbers, reference was made to a simple system of musical notations used in China, called jian-pu.

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By the Lily-Pond

By Horace Keats

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Solo piano, c.4'00

  • Grade: 7
  • Genre: Neo Classical
  • Date: c,1940
  • Tempo: Marked Moderato, crochet equals 84. A delightful piano work with a strong melody.
Recorded by John Martin on the CD, Ancient Rivers  (Wirr 006) available online

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ISMN M720060781
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Cafe Bijou

By Phillip Wilcher

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Solo piano, c.3'30
Suitable for HSC Music II.  Composed 1999.  

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