Piano Early Grades

Two Eastern Pictures

By Miriam Hyde

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Two charming miniatures for piano, Grade 2-3
  • 1. Arabian Flute Player, c1"00;
  • 2. Kashmiri Dancer, c1.00".
Date of composition 1966

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Two Short Pieces

By Miriam Hyde

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Solo piano.  3rd grade

  • Bubbling Brook
  • A Wishing Song

Composed 1966

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Tyrannosaurus Tarantelle

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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A short solo piece for young pianists, c.0.40".   Grade 2
Composed 2011

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Unseen Worlds

By Jenny Lee-robins

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9 piano solos for early grades.   Grades 2 - 4

  • 1. Nymphs Dancing
  • 2. Spread Your Wings
  • 3. Fancy That
  • 4. Unseen Worlds
  • 5. Goblin's Antics
  • 6. Now You See Me, Now You Don't
  • 7. The Sorcerer's Spell
  • 8. Spells and Potions
  • 9. Poles Apart

Composed 2015

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Whispers in the Wind

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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Piano solo, c. 1'00.  Grade 1-2.  

Primarily for young people requesting something pretty and tinkly, but also to accommodate older students in the early stages of their musical development who want to be able to play something of beauty at their level.  This pieces explores simple, arpeggiated chords alongside phrasing and associated slurring technique.  
Composed 2005


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Who's at the Door? - Album

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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21 fun piano songs in C and G positions for young beginners.

Who's at the Door? ... and other mysteries …   

An ideal book to assist  beginners who have an introduction to note reading but are confused. These pieces will help them feel more comfortable and secure with the notes they know and are becoming familiar with. It helps them to understand middle C with the right hand – both on the piano and on the stave and how to find C an octave lower on the piano and on the bass stave. With these ‘hitching posts’ firmly established, they can journey through the subsequent notes and piano keys to find and establish G as a secondary hitching post and to become comfortable with reading up and down on the staves as well as finding and playing those notes in other places on the piano keyboard.  Helpful teaching hints are provided.
Composed 2012. 


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        Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology - Book 1 - 2011

        By Various Composers

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        Piano solos - Grades 1- 4. 
        21 piano works by Australian Composers 2011.  
        Especially written and selected for this album as edited by Katie Zhukov  with audio files of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov in YouTube links below.
        See also Book 2 (Grades 5-7) and Book 3 (Grades 8 to Dip)

        Many works now on the ANZCA Syllabus

        Grade 1
        1.  Pentatonic Pauline - Paul Paviour, c.0'58
        2.  Raindrops on the Window - Jocelyn Kotchie, c.0'53
        3.  Ball Games - Squash - Diana Blom, c.0'48
        4.  La Señorita - Colin Brumby, c.0'48
        5.  On A Pond - Amanda Handel, c.0'55
         Grade 2
        6.  At Sundown - Amanda Handel, c.1'00
        7.  A Flourish of Trumpets - Phillip Wilcher, c.0'56
        8.  Nick Nack Paddywack - Paul Paviour, c.0'56
        9.  Lullaby - Phillip Wilcher, c.1'28
        10. The tightrope walker - Jennifer Trynes, c.2'03
        11. Circus Invention - Jocelyn E Kotchie, c.0'49
        Grade 3
        12.  Little Interlude for Billy - Andrew Schultz, c.2'20
        13.  The Afghans - Stephen O'Connell, c.2'06
        14.  Sunday at St Stephens - Mark Matthews, c.2'04
        15.  Tip-Toe Tango - Jocelyn E Kotchie, c.1'10
        16.  Ball Games - Table Tennis - Diana Blom, c.0'56
        Grade 4
        17.  Mistique - Mark Matthews, c.2'09
        18.  Ball Games - Basketball - Diana Blom, c.1'29
        19.  Rondino - Colin Brumby, c.1'42
        20.  A Quiet Obsession - John Peterson, c.1'15
        21.  Oracle - Mark Matthews, c.2'09

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