Young Voices

Meet My Friends

By Paul Paviour

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Three accompanied songs for young people - traditional American.
Composed 2011

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Muffin Fiend, The

By Diana Blom

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Children's Opera  (2015)
The children's opera, The Muffin Fiend, was written in 1990 and received its first performance in 1991 by Wenona Junior School in Sydney, Australia.  Drawing on a number of musical influences, (including Mozart), the music takes cues from Pinkwater's classic children book of the same name, first published by Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Books, New York in 1986.  

The libretto is based on The Muffin Fiend by Daniel Pinkwater, by arrangement with the Andrew Brown Literary Agency, Inc.; the cover illustration, by Daniel Pinkwater, is used with permission.

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My Favourite Days

By Miriam Hyde

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12 little piano pieces with words which can also be learnt as songs. Grade 1 piano.
Words by Miriam Hyde

          Composed 1946

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              Old Man Platypus

              By Colin Brumby

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              Medium voice and piano.  For young voices,  c.2'40
              Words by A B "Banjo" Paterson.  Composed 2001

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              Sailor's Complaint, A

              By Richard Peter Maddox

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              Baritone and piano, c.3'00.  Ideal for mature teenage voice. Grade HSC
              Words and music by the composer. Composed 2002

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              Shall We Dream?

              By Michael Atherton

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              SSA choir, c.3'15

              From "The Mahogany Ship".  Ideal for school choirs. 
              Composed in 1993

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              Shout and Sing all the Earth

              By Michael Atherton

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              SSA and piano

              Sing and shout, all the earth’ was commissioned by SCEGGS Darlinghurst for its Compose - 120 Project, celebrating the school's 120th Anniversary.
              Composed in 2016

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              ISMN 9790720171456
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              Song for Imberombera

              By Michael Atherton

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              SSA choir and percussion, c.3'30

              Commissioned by Gondwana Vloices. 

              The title, Song for Imberombera, alludes to an Aboriginal creation story recounted by Burnum Burnum in his Aboriginal Australia (Angus & Robertson, 1988, p.16), where he refers to a Dreaming legend about the arrival of the great Earth Mother, a symbol of fertility and creator of life. Among the Gagadju people of Arnhem Land, Imberombera came from across the sea arriving on the coast with her womb full of children. She travelled far and wide, forming the hills, creeks, plants and animals, leaving behind many of her spirit children.
              Composed in 1997.

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              Songs for Children and Nursery Rhymes

              By Meta Overman

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              11 songs for high voice and harp.

              A delightful collection of songs for children and nursery rhymes of Folk songs from different countries.
              Composed c.1952

              Researched and edited by David Wickham
              Editorial from the Journal of Music, University of Adelaide

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              Songs for Young Singers

              By Richard Peter Maddox

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              Voice and piano.  Composed 2000
              • 1. Washing Day c.0'40,
              • 2. My Hat, c.1'20,
              • 3. Shopping, c. 1'30,
              • 4. The Beach, c.1'30,
              • 5. The Kangaroo (Duet), c. 1'45.

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