Concert Band

Phrygian Rock

By Yvonne Barton-leach

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Grade Beginner Concert Band.  Duration 2'.00     
The Church modes have long influenced the writing of music. PHRYGIAN ROCK is a fun and delightful way to introduce your young concert band players to the Phrygian mode.   PHRYGIAN ROCK is a laid-back rock tune that practically plays itself. Encourage your percussionists to keep a firm tempo as you would find in a rock song. Work to keep the band balanced so the tune does not get over powered by the harmony.  Composed 2016.

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ISMN 979072171234   
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Play with Ease

By Michael Hugh Dixon

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This training band program has been developed to allow beginners to start together whilst playing some of their easiest notes. This requires the use of harmony from the outset. Concert B-flat is easy to produce on a clarinet and a saxophone but not at all easy on a flute or an oboe. The same note is easy for many a player of the trumpet, baritone and trombone yet some find a concert F easier, so there are options for those players. Horn players often find a concert F easier to play than a concert B-flat at, also a concert F is easily playable on both a single B-flat at horn and a single F horn. Concert A is an easy note on the flute and oboe, although a B would be easier, the A is not much more complicated and provides a nice note in the dominant chord of B-flat at major. The whole process begins with alternating B-flat at and F chords. Often, training band leaders direct from a keyboard, so the chords are shown above the flute part to make it simple to play along.
Each student has a page advising the numbers to practice each week and the program is divided into sections to give the feeling of completion from time to time. It is important that each band be directed at the most appropriate pace, therefore the music director should feel at liberty to overlap the designated weekly projects, hold them back, or skip some altogether. Much effort has been made to progress the players of an instrument at a decent pace. It is anticipated that many players will be ready to play other published material by the time they can play the numbers at the end of the book. 

Composed 2018

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ISMN 9790720214429

Instrument program training books are available on request - $20.00 each, please contact

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Prelude to a Concert

By Carmelo Galea

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Concert Band, c.2'50
Composed 2014

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By Houston Dunleavy

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Concert Band, c.12'00

Score in A3 size.  Parts on request: 

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Roman March

By Carmelo Galea

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Concert Band, c.2'50
As the title implies - a rousing fanfare announces the return of the Roman legions from one of their victories, arriving at the Roman gates and then marching toward the Roman Forum.  Composed 2009 rev. 2011

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Sonic Essays for Concert Band

By Hugh Dixon

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Concert band in three movements, c.13'00.
Composed 2010. Audio samples linked here are computer generated.  
Parts on request 

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By Robert Burrell

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Stage Band for advanced school students

Sootie is a smooth 'cool jazz' like work with an overall 'laid back' feel. Suitable as a gentle number between more lively presentations. It is in rondo form with the saxophones featured in the A sections. It gets its title from a black alley cat.
Composed 2012 rev. 2015

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Spanish Dreams

By Clive Lane

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Concert band, c.5'10

  • I.   Camino
  • II.  Folk Song

Composed 2019

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    ISMN 9790720226132
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    Spanish Flavour

    By Carmelo Galea

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    Concert Band, c.4'00
    As the title implies, a little Spanish touch!  Composed 2018

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         ISMN 9790720209029

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        Suite: A Mighty Man of Music

        By Paul Paviour

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        Brass Concert Band in three movements.

        Dedicated to Mike Butcher OAM, former Royal Marine Conductor and Director of Music of the RAAF. 
        Composed 2016

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        ISMN 9790720171821 

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        Symphonic Poem "A Celebration of the Natural World" (concert band)

        By Mark John Mcencroe

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        Concert Band, c.15'30
        Composed 2017

        At a time when the diversification of species and the natural environment is fast disappearing,
         I wanted to reflect on all that was wonderful about the natural world before it is completely destroyed by the poison of human greed and economic rationalism.  (Mark John McEncroe)

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        See most of Mark's works recorded on:   

        ISMN 9790720227610
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        Symphonic Poem "The Passing" (concert band)

        By Mark John Mcencroe

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        For Concert Band, c.7'30
        Composed 2017

        This piece was written in the mood that one would associate with the passing of a loved one.  A lament - a process of letting go of old entrenched ideas and value systems that no longer apply or are relevant in one’s ever changing life.  A compelling process, hard and painful, a part of life; a necessity for good mental health, happiness and peace of mind.   (Mark John McEncroe)

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        ISMN 9790720227627

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