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Ashes of Roses

By May Howlett

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Choral SSA with soprano recorder, alto recorder, acoustic guitar and harpsichord, c.5'30.  
Composed 1988.

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At the melting of the snow

By Peter Mcnamara

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Soprano, alto flute and vibraphone, c.4:30

The text for this work makes use of a lesser-known, but still beautifully depictive poem by A.B. (Banjo) Paterson of the same name, written in 1902, but not published until 1917. The poem depicts the amazing transformation that occurs during the spring of the Snowy Mountains, where the snow melts to reveal the green grasses and many varied wildflowers.  Composed 2018

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Aurorae Sinus - Trio

By Keyna Wilkins

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Flute, Trumpet and Double Bass, c.4'50.  Level of difficulty: 6th grade.  

Aurorae Sinus is a dark feature in the southern hemisphere known as the "eye of Mars". In this work Wilkins has tried to capture an enigmatic mood of stillness, weightlessness and stasis through use of gradually shifting harmonies. 
Composed 2016

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By Colin Brumby

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A garland of nine folk songs for optional soloist(s), 2-part chorus and instruments - flutes, oboes, clarinets, violins, trumpets, saxophones, bassoons, tuba, trombone, horns and double basses. c.20'00

The instrumental parts have been allocated as follows:
The upper note of the right-hand (treble line) has been given to the flutes (up an octave), oboes,1st clarinets, 1st trumpets, 1st violins. The lower note of the right hand part (alto line) has been given to the 2nd clarinets, alto saxophone, 2nd trumpets, 2nd violins. The upper note of the left-hand (tenor line) has been given to the 1st bassoons, 1st trombone, french horn, violas. The lower note of the left-hand (bass part) has been given to the 2nd bassoons, bass trombone, tuba, cellos, double basses.

While the orchestration of this work is flexible, combinations of the above instruments should be chosen, not only because of availability but so as to give a balanced ensemble, e.g., a brass quartet (2 trumpets, tenor and bass trombone), or a string orchestra, etc. It may also be performed with keyboard accompaniment.

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Catch 75

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Voice, recorder, cello, harpsichord and sticks, c.8'35. 
This work is a mix of aboriginal and European instruments using techniques from both traditions and reflecting music of both traditions although many of the effects in this piece could be improvised. Composed 1975.

Part of the recent collection of 38 pieces for Flying West - and all recorded by Thoroughbass on a double CD available online (Wirr 066).

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By Ann Carr-boyd

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Spoken voice, harpsichord and ensemble, c.10'15.  Composed 1974.

The spoken words are taken from Francois Couperin’s L’Art de toucher Le Clavecin, a manual on harpsichord playing which Couperin wrote in 1716. In it he covers very completely all matters of style and technique, from which a few sentences have been chosen as a starting point for this composition, which is a homage to French music of all periods.

Part of the recent collection of 38 pieces for Flying West (Wirr 066) - all recorded by Thoroughbass on a double CD available online 

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Dance of the Ballerina Marionette

By Sonia Sozio

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Mixed Ensemble, c.1'30.  Intermediate grade
(Percussion, marimba, harp)

This work aims to capture the light and graceful dancing of a ballerina marionette on point who dreams to be free of her strings. She is so immersed in the music as she elegantly leaps, pirouettes and dances around the stage that she does not realise that the strings are released from her arms and legs in the last three bars of the piece.

Composed 2020

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Eagle and The Whale, The

By Brennan Keats

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For chamber ensemble, flute, clarinets and cello,  c.3'40

This miniature chamber work illustrates an imagined meeting between these two large creatures whose normal habitats are the extremities of our globe. Out of this exchange flows the concept of melody.

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      Ex Nihilo

      By Piotr Nowotnik

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      Mixed ensemble  c.6'40

      Flute, clarinet, xylophone and piano. 
      Composed 2011 

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      By Linda Phillips

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      Chassidic air and dance for oboe, violin, cello and piano. 
      Composition date unknown

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      Firs and Cedars

      By Piotr Nowotnik

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      Soprano, flute, cello and piano  c.8'00

      Lyrics based on works by Michael Ben Zechabe - excerpts of "Song of Songs", Chapter 1.
       Composed 2013.

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      ISMN 9790720159027
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      From Fire by Fire

      By Peter Rankine

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      Quartet for mixed ensemble - flute, violin, horn, cello, c.18'00

      The work takes its title from a lyric of Little Gidding, in T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets. This poem inspired and nourished the composer during the creation of the work. It did this because it speaks eloquently of the creative process itself: tumult; achievement and loss; and mystery. And it did so because the exploration of Time and Eternity is evocative and compelling and seems to address the heart of the mystery of being. To find a musical representation of this interplay and co-existence between “the timeless and time” was a principal inspiration for this work.
      Composed 1989, 2nd Ed 2017

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