Dance of the Pagans

By Mark John Mcencroe

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For Orchestra
Composed 2019

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ISMN 9790720231358

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Die Nacht kommt

By Peter Mcnamara

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This piece is part of a trio of works that use similar musical elements to emphasise various representations of Night. Die Nacht kommt conveys imagery of a Hazy and Foggy Night and achieves this through blurred voicing and "out-of-phase" melodic lines and quartertonal scales. Artificial string harmonics and resonant metallic percussion opens the work accompanied at first by Violas and later Oboes and muted Trumpets. c. 9-10 mins. Grade - professional
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ISMN M720065984
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Dining with Alice

By Frank Millward

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Dining With Alice Suite  - the complete production available as PDF on disc.
For Soloists, Choir and Chamber Orchestra.
  • A Slice of Alice
  • Alice's Common Sense Song
  • Flight of the Cornish Dog
  • Old Mother Hubbard
  • Spider and the Fly
This work is ideally suited to being presented in a concert format, approximately thirty minutes in duration – not including the String Quintets. If the performance is staged as a concert the String Quintets would aptly be played as pre-concert or interval music. 

The music presented here has been taken from the 2011 Artichoke production and comes from that section of the work which took place as a concert performance in an outdoor setting ‘grounds of a 15th-century moated manor house’ performed by the eight characters (Queen of Hearts, Red Queen, White Queen, the Duchess, King of Hearts, White Knight, Mad Hatter, Tweedle (Dum Dee), a choir of waiters and a Chamber Orchestra consisting of Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, ‘Cello, Double Bass, Trumpet Bb, Horn in F, Bass Trombone, Keys, Percussion.

‘Dining with Alice was one of the earliest instances of immersive (where spectators are part of the action), site-specific (the place is part of the subject) theatre. It was a landmark.’ First performed in 1999 at the Salisbury Festival, the piece was conceived and directed by Hillary Westlake and staged in the Victorian pleasure gardens of Salisbury as part of the Salisbury Festival, commissioned by the then festival director Helen Marriage.  In 2011 the work was part of the Norfolk and Norwich festival, produced by Artichoke, transplanted to the beautiful grounds of a 15th-century moated manor house. ‘Lewis Carroll's characters unleashed from Alice's dream, wandering through a landscape accompanied by an audience whose walk is punctuated by the courses of a meal.’ (Quotations from Susannah Clapp - Observer Newspaper U.K. 15 May 2011).

The entire suite is available on a CD disc.

Individual pieces from "Dining with Alice" Suite are available online.

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  • See individual music samples on these pages. These works can be purchased separately.

ISMN 9790720167602
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By Nicole Murphy

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For Orchestra, c.10'0. Commissioned by Symphony Australia 2010.
Composed 2010

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Fanfare Suite

By Mark John Mcencroe

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Four movements for orchestra.  "A celebration of human aspirations", c.36'00
Composed 2011
  • 1.  Hope and Optimism
  • 2.  Honesty, Sincerity and Integrity
  • 3.  Confidence, Exuberance and Open Mindedness
  • 4.  Joy and Positivity

Conductor's score includes a CD of the work performed by The Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra.

Contact for digital download of parts.

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ISMN 9790720146775
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Fantasia for Orchestra

By Carmelo Galea

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Orchestral, c.12'15 in three movements
Composed 1979 rev. 2020

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 ISMN 9790720227740

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Fantasia on Waltzing Matilda (orchestral)

By Miriam Hyde

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For Orchestra

The well-known tune, Waltzing Matilda is treated freely.  Its two main features are the opening repeated-note figure, Once a jolly swagman, and the final arching phrase, You'll come a -waltzing Matilda with me.

Composed 1943

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ISMN 9790720209869

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Fantasy for Harp and Orchestra

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Harp and Orchestra c.13'00
This work is written in a style reminiscent of the Baroque. The opening orchestral tutti, with sweeping chords centre around the key of B minor.  This theme is then followed by a change of mood and motif in E major played by flute and strings. The rest of the one-movement Fantasy is in free sonata form. Although the solo passages are fully notated, the soloist is encouraged to ad lib. Composition date 1996.

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 ISMN 9790720159546

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Fantasy Romantic (orchestral)

By Miriam Hyde

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For Piano and Orchestra, c.10'00.

The work, both passionate and lyrical, opens in D minor with an arresting “chime” from the piano, followed by rather brooding phrases from the orchestra introducing a 4-note rising figure which is to play a prominent part. A second theme, in D major, with a rising fifth, is announced by the solo instrument. This is at first of a more "giocoso" nature, giving scope for some playful woodwind imitation. In passages of a lighter texture, the flute has some solo bars. It later develops into some bravura octave passages, calling upon the full resonance of the piano. It will be noticed that, in the final phase of the Coda, the two themes are combined affirmatively in the major key, the first given to strings, the second (now "maestoso") to horns and trumpets. The piano is left to supply complementary figuration.
Composed 1940

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ISMN 9790673144224

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Festival Flourish

By Dulcie Holland

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For orchestra , c.4'30

It has a little theme which as Holland described came from the rhythm of the words, “Northside Arts Festival, so that it is meant to be characteristic of a festival.

Described as attractive, optimistic, bright and bustling it opens with continuous quavers in the woodwinds and, unusually, the theme played by violas and cellos.

The work is mostly in compound time alternating between 6/8 and 2/4 when the rhythmical motive is presented.

Composed 1965

Researched and edited  by Jeanell Carrigan

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ISMN 9790720227375
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Fever of the Sea - orchestral

By Brennan Keats

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Three movements for orchestra, c.12'00

This concerto uses extracts drawn from John Masefield’s (1878-1967) famous poem ‘Sea Fever’. No ship is ever still, be she made of wood or steel, restless water keeps up a never-ending impact on her hull. In the wooden hulls of the time of Masefield all vessels are forever groaning, creaking. cracking and working and so it is with the music to hand. There is a constant momentum in the Double Bass with support for the Cellos at times as Masefield’s ship is either alongside or riding the ocean. A restless poet and poem in every sense of the word accompanied by equally restless music written by one who loves and respects the sea.

  • Mvt I - Expressivo
  • Mvt II - Agitatio
  • Mvt III - Giocoso

Composed 2021

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ISMN 9790720249520

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Fire Storm

By Brennan Keats

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For TB choir or soloists and orchestra, c.8'00

0900 hours 9 September 2019 NSW Australia.
For those who for all life's sake confront the flames of destruction.

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      ISMN 9790673140523

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