Trois Leçons

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Soprano, vibraphone and harpsichord, c.5'00.  Composed 1972
The words are taken from the arcys life of mehitabel poems of Don Marquis and are about an insect’s view of the world. Archy is a small cockroach who sits at the typewriter by night, punching out his thoughts with some difficulty. He is not strong enough to do capitals or punctuation. Mehitabel is his friend, the cat.

Part of the recent collection of 38 pieces for Flying West - and all recorded by Thoroughbass on a double CD available online (Wirr 06)

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By Michael Hugh Dixon

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Percussion ensemble, c.9'00

This work represents a musical ritual in 'sound mandala style'. The bass drum provides the centre of the 'mandala' with the solo bass drum player representing the unifying quality of the meditation Buddha, Vairochana.
Composed 2003

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ISMN 9790720126180
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Voice of the Depths

By Peter Mcnamara

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Piano, percussion and pre-recorded electronics,  includes CD.

Russell Keats, eldest son of the Australian composer Horace Keats, was killed during the attack on his ship HMAS Canberra  (1) during 1942. His father and entire family was devastated by this event, and Horace Keats composed a very solemn and reflective song in memory of his son entitled Over the Quiet Waters. Voice of the Depths is composed for piano, percussion and pre-recorded electronics, and follows the story of Russell Keats during his deployment on the  Canberra. Spoken passages of text from the letters sent home to his family, read by his brother Brennan Keats, outline and initiate the structural points of the work. The pitches from the central motif of Over the Quiet Waters form its harmonic basis, and are used as fundamentals from which other pitch material is derived from their physical-acoustic properties. These physical-acoustic properties are used to synthesise sounds in the electronic component of the work, and are re-enforced in the piano and vibraphone parts. A speaker is also directed into the piano internal mechanism to agitate the strings creating sympathetic vibrations at various points. This results in a subtle reverberation effect that blends with the electronic reverberation and creates deceptive tone colour transformations.
Composed 2015

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By Peter Mcnamara

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Solo percussion
Voltage is a work primarily based on rhythmic combinations related to 240 W.

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ISMN 720106212
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Washing the Sun

By Ross Fiddes

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Chorus a cappella SATB and percussion, c.6:10-6:30.  Advanced level of difficulty.

      Words by Paulo Moraes (translated from the Portuguese). The work for SATB chorus and a percussion ensemble is centred on vibraphone and large marimba. 

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        Composed 2018

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         ISMN 9790673142039

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        Ziggedy Bop

        By Diana Blom

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        Two percussionists each playing four drums of  different pitches.
        Ziggedy Bop is a tap dancing step and its rhythm permeates this work.
        Composed 2003

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