Colour Play

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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... with Angus, Heather and Friends.

This full colour tutor piano book for the beginner student came about through a need I perceived for children to learn to read music in a child centred and developmentally appropriate way.  Young children learn through imitation and imaginative play.  They are creative beings, inspired by stories, pictures and colour and will happily absorb these and bring them to life. The child’s work, therefore, is rich with colour and pictures. 
With this book, it is important that the child works independently so as to be fully immersed in this creative world and to feel the pride and satisfaction of a job well done. 
The teacher’s job is to guide the learning, allowing time, space and a calm, peaceful environment for the work to take place.

Composed 2019

Audio and sheet music samples of just a few pieces from Colour Play


  • Heather the Hedgehog
  • Handsome Gavin
  • Fergus the Frog
  • Trevor’s Trumpet
  • Callie Loves to Sing
  • Duncan the Dragonfly
  • Angus and his Paddle Board


ISMN 9790720214771
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