Danger Zone

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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12 piano solos - for early-intermediate to late-intermediate (grades 1 to 5)

Inspired by the demands of young male students for fast, dark and scary music - but not exclusively. Many young girls take pleasure in speed, and teenage girls relate strongly to rich dark textures and melodies which stimulate their emotional responses. The aim of these pieces is to cultivate sound technical development along with the requisite capturing of the imagination. Fast music provides a wonderful opportunity to work with and hone technical skills. Fast playing is most effective when countered with stasis or variation in the tempo.
Composed 2014 

Below are samples of each piece and complete audio tracks


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All grades listed below are suggested AMEB equivalent. 
Danger Zone, Grade 3-4 - $6.00   Buy Now
Tomb Spiders, Grade 4-5 - $4.00  Buy Now
Under Attack, Grade 5 - $4.00  Buy Now
Into the Fire - Grade 3 - $4.00  Buy Now
Hell's Bells, Grade 2 - $4.00  Buy Now
Monster Blues, Grade 1 - $4.00  Buy Now
Racing with Nightmares, Grade 2 - $4.00  Buy Now
Fishing for Trouble, Grade 1-2 - $4.00  Buy Now
Dirt Bike Heaven, Grade 2 - $4.00  Buy Now
Brave the Warrior, Grade 3 - $4.00  Buy Now
Flight of the Sorcerer, Grade 3 - $4.00  Buy Now
After the Apocalypse, Grade 5 - $4.00  Buy Now
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