Illara - CD

By Stephen O'connell

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Illara Music for saxophone, recorder, piano, bass, guitar and drums. Michael Baker and Austin Benjamin (piano), Mark Scotland and Rafael Jerjen (double bass), David Condon and Aidan Lowe (drums), Joshua O'Connell (guitar) and Stephen O'Connell (saxophone).
Wirr 027 


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1  Red and Blues
2  With Thanks to Sonny
3  Sid's Song
4  Hidden Waterhole
5  Riverbend
6  Those Birds Again
7  Blues for Dot
8  The Ledge
9  It's a Brumby Thing
10  Reeds and Echo
11  Playful Things
12 Tempe Downs (The Old Station)
13  Variations on a Modal Theme
14  I Can Hear You