Return - CD

By Stephen O'connell

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ReturnThese jazz tunes are inspired by the amazing landscape and creatures in and around Illara, located in remote Central Australia. Music for saxophone, piano, keyboards, guitar and drums. Paul Gibbs (piano and keyboard), Mark Scotland (double and electric bass), David Condon (drums and percussion), Adam Guzowski (guitar), Miles O'Connell (tenor saxophone) and Stephen O'Connell (soprano and tenor saxophone).
Wirr 043

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1  The Zebra Finches
2  Return
3  Trouble
4  A Love Tune
5 Still Cool
6  How Long (Till it Falls?)
7  Rhythm Me
8  The Drenched Blues
9  Them Bones
10  Me and My (Dead) Cow
11  Pru's Walking Blues
12  Miles and the Boys
13  Out of the Blue
14  Against My Will
15  No Bull