String Quartet

Water Dreamers

By Kevin March

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For String Quartet in five movements, c.20'00

  • I. Harbour Lights
  • II. Ghost on the Tide
  • III. Mild as a Star in Water
  • IV. Dancing on Whitecaps
  • V. Always Dreaming of Waves

The theme of and inspiration for the work is the character and timeless nature of the relationship between Australia’s coastal environments and its people, and the connection between old worlds and new. Water holds a unique place in the lives of Australians.

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    ISMN 9790673143012

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    Woman's Song, A

    By Anne Cawrse

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    A song cycle for Soprano and String Quartet

    Each poem is by a female writer and was chosen due to the distinctly feminine perspectives of the world which they conveyed. These views, despite the eras they were penned, are also universal in place and time.  Through close connection between text and music, A Woman’s Song seeks to explore some unique and personal aspects of being a woman- freedom from societal expectation and restriction, passion and love, spirituality, loss and understanding. 

    • 1. Chanson (Purnette du Guillet), c.6'00
    • 2. June (Amy Levy), c.5'00
    • 3. Stanzas (Emily Bronte), c.6'00

    Composed 2005

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