Beneath the Yellow Moon

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Cello and piano,  c.15'00, suggested grade 8-A.MusA

The three movements form a large ternary structure and the cello imitating the didjeridu at various points in the score evokes a distinctly Australian feel. Some opportunities are provided for improvising high harmonics in the cello part during the third movement which suggests images reminiscent of outback mirages.  Composed 2004/2005
  • 1.  Beneath the Yellow Moon, c.8'30
  • 2.  Billabong, c.4'30
  • 3.  Dreamtime Haze, c.2'00
Recorded Fandango Returns! (Wirr 090) available online

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By Larry Sitsky

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Double bass and piano in five movements. 
Composed 1997
  • I. c.2'40
  • 2. c.3'20
  • 3. c.2'00
  • 4. c.2'10
  • 5. c.3'10

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ISMN 9790720164564
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By Hollis Taylor

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String Quartet, c.11'30

Australian pied butcherbird vocalisations often boast a compelling rhythm and raw energy reminiscent of certain jazz styles. Lively syncopations and phrase endings on weak beats are common in their sound repertoire. This work builds on pied butcherbird themes for rhythmic exploration.

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ISMN 9790720101415

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Bodhisattva of the Silk Road

By Tony Wheeler

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Two pieces for Erhu (two string Chinese fiddle) and Zhong Ruan (four string Chinese guitar)  

A musical portrayal of various aspects of life, both ancient and present, in the far western province of Gansu, a region characterized by vast expanses of dry, sandy desert, and being one of the localities through which passed the ancient ‘Silk Road’ trade route, was one of the first places in China to be affected by the eastward spread of Buddhism from India, during the Tang Dynasty.  Composed 2013

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ISMN 9790720146096
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Boulevard Waltz, The (violin)

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Violin and piano, c.5'20.  Grade 7

The music is lyrical and reminiscent of scenes and moods in Paris and France.
Composed 2011

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Bunyip, The

By Steven Stanke

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For Narrator and Orchestra, c.10'45
Text by J. G Brown

Three men declared they saw the Bunyip of Hexham Swamp in 1879, and in the following account Mr. J. G. Brown, of Croydon, tells their story and relates how he took part in an exciting hunt at night-time. Note: The resonant booming call of the Australasian Bittern is said to have been the basis of the myth of the Bunyip.

    Composed 2021

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    By Larry Sitsky

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    Violin and piano. Grade AMus
    Composed 1993

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    ISMN 9790720166391
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    Cadenza II

    By Peter Mcnamara

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    Solo violoncello, c.8'30
    Composed 2012

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     ISMN 9790720133232

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    By Miriam Hyde

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    Viola and piano, c. 3'20
    Composed 1988

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    ISMN 9790720164342
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    By Phillip Wilcher

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    Harp and string ensemble, c.4'00
    Composed 2013

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    ISMN 9790720140162
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    Chacun à son gout!

    By Colin Brumby

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    6-part accompanied round for instruments.
    A fun piece, preferably with violinists, but not limited to!!

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    ISMN 9790720093505
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    Changing Moods

    By May Howlett

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    Cello and piano, and unaccompanied, c.10.30. Suggested grades 5-7.
    The expressive range of the cello is explored technically in light-hearted treatments of a variety of styles. From the sweeping bow for the rich tones required of the Etude; the sharpness of attack in the drama of the tango; and on to the more contemplative, abstract approach in the solo piece, Reflections on Siloam. Three movements:

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    ISMN 9790720078762
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