West Wind

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Violin and piano,  c.5'00.  Advance grade
The mood of the work is a musical interpretation of the westerly winds which prevail in inland NSW. Their persistence is echoed by the presence of the 4 note figure which opens the work. This figure, in turn, gives way to an ebb and flow of tempi and themes (like the wayward wind).
Composed 1994

Recorded by John Martin on Another Look at Autumn (Wirr 102) available online

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Whale's Song, The

By Diana Blom

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Cello and piano, c.9'00.  Grade 8
The humpback whale is, in many ways, the spirit of the ocean. Through four sections - Chant, Dance, Lament and Chant, The Whale's Song traces the migratory pattern of the humpback whale as it moves in the Pacific Ocean, through musics of New Zealand, Ecuador, Hawaii, Japan and Papua and New Guinea.  "Chant" draws on rhythms of a Maori chant about the sea, and on its return, is joined by the rhythms of a traditional Japanese chant about the sea with amplified cello evoking sounds of the humpback whale. 

Recorded by Deborah Coogan (vc/reverb) and the composer on the CD, Music of the Spirit (Wirr 011) available online

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When Leaves Cascade, Op. 12

By Victor Morrison

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Flute, Bb clarinet, violin and cello,  c.4'40
Composed 2007

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 ISMN 9790720146959

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White Chill

By John Spence

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For two guitars, c.4'15

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Composed 2011

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Wings of the Wind Trio

By May Howlett

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Flute, cello and piano in 3 movements.  
This popular suite was first composed for flute and piano and has now the cello companion. Both instruments lend themselves to the many moods of the winds. These short pieces aim to capture several of these, from light and bouncy to sustained and sexy!
Composed 2014

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By John Martin

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Violin and piano, c.3'00
Composed 2011

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