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Fair Maid of the Mill, The (Medium)

By Bruce Daniel

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Song cycle for medium voice and piano. Die Schöne Müllerin D.795
Original German text by Wilhelm Müller. It is a story that takes its audience on a journey that is dramatic as well as musical. The songs come fully alive only as the story reveals itself to the audience in real time, as the composer intended. It is hoped that this edition may offer English-speaking singers and audiences the immediate experience that German-speakers take for granted.
The edition is a translation not of poems but of song lyrics. There have been many such attempts in the past but I have yet to see one which comes anywhere near a credible or convincing realisation of Müller’s poetry as it appears in the context of Schubert’s music. (David Miller, pianist)
Edited 2018 by Bruce Daniel

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Four Epigrams

By Stephen Yates

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Counter tenor, baritone, mezzo-soprano, Grade 7, c.5'30

All songs included on the Trinity/Guildhall Singing Syllabus and recorded on the CD Simply Songs and Songs from Australia by soprano Wendy Dixon and pianist David Miller and available online.

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Four Haiku

By David Keeffe

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Song cycle for medium to low voice and piano. 
Composed 2007.  

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Four Tiny Songs (Brandon)

By Horace Keats

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Baritone and piano

  • Grade: 6-8
  • Genre: Neo classical
  • Date: 1945
  • Tempo: Four brief insights to the charm in life.

Words Herbert Brandon

I Know a Road

  I Know a Road - sheet music

Johnny and Jimmy

Johnny and Jimmy - sheet music

  • Tempo: Marked Allegro, dotted minim equals eighty

Two Lovers

 Thousands of Roadways

 Thousands of Roadways - sheet music

Recorded by Gavin Lockley and Clemens Leske on A Poet's Composer (Wirr 040) available online

 ISMN M720007083

Library, The

By Diana Blom

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Tenor and piano, c.10'30
This long song takes its text from the novel, Maestro (1989), by Peter Goldsworthy. The story follows the search by a teenage boy seeking information about the past of his elderly Viennese piano teacher through the stack of shelves in the Library of Adelaide University.   Composed 1996

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Portrait of America

By Diana Blom

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Five songs for tenor and piano

Portrait of America draws together, through music, the poems of four American writers. Two of the poems have become popular and are better known than their writers, but for the other two, the writers are better known than the poems. The songs, a cycle ending with a reprise of the first song, celebrate American writing of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries while exploring the colours and moods of the tenor voice and piano. The songs were composed for American tenor, Kevin Hanrahan.  Composed 2018

  • The Last Song
  • I am the little Irish boy
  • A Shadow
  • Indian Prayer
  • The Last Song (reprise)

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Remembering Babylon

By Diana Blom

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Tenor and piano, c. 14'00
This long song takes its text "human differences and eternal divisions "from the novel of the same name, by David Malouf. Each of the four songs portraits the different characters in the novel.   Composed 1997

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Selected Songs, Vol. I

By Rudolf Werther

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20 songs from Frühe Gedichte for tenor and piano. 
Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke.  German lyrics, English translation included.
Composition dates unknown

Edited by David Wickham

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Six Songs of Faith

By Paul Paviour

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Song cycle for tenors:
  • 1. Love Divine, which Never Ends (Charles Wesley) 
  • 2. Swords in to Ploughshares 
  • 3. Holy Spirit, Love Divine (Samuel Longfellow) 
  • 4. Crowned with Glory Now (Thomas Kelly) 
  • 5. The Quiet Voice (G W. Armitage) 
  • 6. If Only (Christina Rossetti) 
Composed 2016

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Songs of a Watchful Man (Howlett)

By May Howlett

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Three songs for medium to low voice and piano, c.12'00
Words by May Howlett.  Composed 1989 rev. 2011

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Songs of Love and the Night

By John Wayne Dixon

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Collection of 5 songs for soprano or tenor and piano. Grade: Assoc Diploma and above.  Composed 2004
  • 1. It Is the Evening Hour (John Clare). c.3'30
  • 2. I Love All Beauteous Things (Robert Bridges). c.1'15
  • 3. Night (Frederick John Dixon). c.5'15
  • 4. Wild Nights (Emily Dickinson). c.1'45
  • 5. The Summer Night Was Mild (Gustav Falke). c.4'15
These songs have been recorded by Pamela Mildenhall and David Vance on Mermaids (Wirr 033) available online. 

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Sunrise by the Sea

By Miriam Hyde

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Soprano or tenor and piano, c.3'30
Words by Miriam Hyde, the poem originally titled "Sunrise at Manly".
The tranquillity of the beach and finally the brilliance of the rising sun seemed to express the ultimate hope and triumph of light over darkness, in the contrast to the imminent war.  Composed 1939.

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