Songs of a Watchful Man (Howlett)

By May Howlett

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Three songs for medium to low voice and piano, c.12'00
Words by May Howlett.  Composed 1989 rev. 2011

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Songs of Love and the Night

By John Wayne Dixon

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Collection of 5 songs for soprano or tenor and piano. Grade: Assoc Diploma and above. 
Composed 2004
  • 1. It Is the Evening Hour (John Clare). c.3'30
  • 2. I Love All Beauteous Things (Robert Bridges). c.1'15
  • 3. Night (Frederick John Dixon). c.5'15
  • 4. Wild Nights (Emily Dickinson). c.1'45
  • 5. The Summer Night Was Mild (Gustav Falke). c.4'15
These songs have been recorded by Pamela Mildenhall and David Vance on Mermaids (Wirr 033) available online. 

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Sunrise by the Sea

By Miriam Hyde

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Soprano or tenor and piano, c.3'30
Words by Miriam Hyde, the poem originally titled "Sunrise at Manly".
The tranquillity of the beach and finally the brilliance of the rising sun seemed to express the ultimate hope and triumph of light over darkness, in the contrast to the imminent war. 

Composed 1939.

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To Julia: Mr Herrick's Bracelet

By Richard Peter Maddox

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Song cycle for tenor and string quartet.  Grade AMus

11 songs from a s selection of poems by Robert Herrick.  The poems are addressed to Herrick’s imaginary ideal woman, Julia, and range in mood from playful to passionate.  Composed 2001
    • The Pomander Bracelet, c1:00
    • Upon Julia’s Sweat, c.1:00
    • Upon Julia’s Clothes, c.1:35
    • The Silken Snake, c.0:45
    • The Lawn, c.1:45
    • Upon Julia’s Voice,  c.2:10
    • Upon Julia’s Hair Filled with Dew, c.1:10
    • Upon Roses, c.2:00
    • To Daisies, Not to Shut So Soon, c.2:00
    • The Night-piece: To Julia, c.2:10
    • The Transfiguration, c.3:20

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      Turning Fifty (Wright) (low)

      By Paul Paviour

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      Voice and piano, c.4'20
      Poem by Judith Wright.  Also available in a high version
      Composed 1980

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      ISMN M720072371
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      White Secrets

      By Brennan Keats

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      Low voice and piano, c.2'50 

      • Grade: 6
      • Genre: Neo Classical
      • Date: 2011
      • Tempo: Marked Tranquillo dotted crochet equals 52. A haunting melody with words and music by Brennan Keats. Inspired by the white Lilies and palms near a local beach.

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      Why Doncha Stay Awhile Blues, The

      By May Howlett

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      Medium voice and piano, c.4'10
      Composed 2018

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