Vocal and Instrumental

Cantilena for Two, A

By Hugh Dixon

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Soprano, horn and piano, c.4'00
Two melodic sections in counterpoint with each other with the piano providing the chordal and rhythmic accompaniment.

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Catch 75

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Voice, recorder, cello, harpsichord and sticks, c.8'35. 
This work is a mix of aboriginal and European instruments using techniques from both traditions and reflecting music of both traditions although many of the effects in this piece could be improvised. Composed 1975.

Part of the recent collection of 38 pieces for Flying West - and all recorded by Thoroughbass on a double CD available online (Wirr 066).

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ISMN 9790720151182
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Clancy of the Overflow

By Gavin Lockley

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Voice and orchestra, c.5'00
Words by A B Paterson.  From Orchestral Songs of Australia.
Composed 2008

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ISMN 9790720133256

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Corinna's going a-maying

By Richard Peter Maddox

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Baritone and violin, c.4'45
Words by Robert Harrick.

Composed 2003

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De Rerum Natura

By Peter Mcnamara

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Voice and chamber orchestra

De Rerum Natura is a 6-part song cycle setting portions of Titus Lucretius Carus’ same-titled 6-volume ancient Latin literary work, completed in c. 50-5 BCE. De Rerum Natura can be translated as The Nature of Things, and is a sophisticated didactic text explaining the world around us, consisting of poetry, prose and scientific theory of the antiquity. Lucretius outlines the flaws as he sees them in ancient religion, that the souls of men are mortal and the world made up of infinite fine particles, using a similar text written 200 years previous by ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus (341-270 BCE) as a model. The text is pronounced according to the principles of classical pronunciation, which is how linguists believe that Latin was spoken in ancient Rome.

The six movements of De Rerum Natura, are divided into two related groups of three movements (1, 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6). The first song has a very flowing character while the second is much more rhythmically driven and tense. The fourth song is related to the first harmonically, but with the tense and rhythmically driven character of the second. The fifth song meanwhile is related to the second harmonically, but with the flowing character of the first. The third and sixth songs are also closely related by way of their rhythmically free and semi-improvised character, creating two related yet contrasting overall divisions of the song cycle.
Composed 2018-20

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ISMN 9790720231693

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Dining with Alice

By Frank Millward

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Dining With Alice Suite  - the complete production available as PDF on disc.
For Soloists, Choir and Chamber Orchestra.
  • A Slice of Alice
  • Alice's Common Sense Song
  • Flight of the Cornish Dog
  • Old Mother Hubbard
  • Spider and the Fly
This work is ideally suited to being presented in a concert format, approximately thirty minutes in duration – not including the String Quintets. If the performance is staged as a concert the String Quintets would aptly be played as pre-concert or interval music. 

The music presented here has been taken from the 2011 Artichoke production and comes from that section of the work which took place as a concert performance in an outdoor setting ‘grounds of a 15th-century moated manor house’ performed by the eight characters (Queen of Hearts, Red Queen, White Queen, the Duchess, King of Hearts, White Knight, Mad Hatter, Tweedle (Dum Dee), a choir of waiters and a Chamber Orchestra consisting of Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, ‘Cello, Double Bass, Trumpet Bb, Horn in F, Bass Trombone, Keys, Percussion.

‘Dining with Alice was one of the earliest instances of immersive (where spectators are part of the action), site-specific (the place is part of the subject) theatre. It was a landmark.’ First performed in 1999 at the Salisbury Festival, the piece was conceived and directed by Hillary Westlake and staged in the Victorian pleasure gardens of Salisbury as part of the Salisbury Festival, commissioned by the then festival director Helen Marriage.  In 2011 the work was part of the Norfolk and Norwich festival, produced by Artichoke, transplanted to the beautiful grounds of a 15th-century moated manor house. ‘Lewis Carroll's characters unleashed from Alice's dream, wandering through a landscape accompanied by an audience whose walk is punctuated by the courses of a meal.’ (Quotations from Susannah Clapp - Observer Newspaper U.K. 15 May 2011).

The entire suite is available on a CD disc.

Individual pieces from "Dining with Alice" Suite are available online.

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  • See individual music samples on these pages. These works can be purchased separately.

ISMN 9790720167602
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Echo (Rossetti) - voice and instrumental

By Horace Keats

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Soprano, violin or flute and piano c.4'00

Recorded by Jane Parkin (soprano), Alexa Still (Flute) and Clemens Leske (piano) on A Poet's Composer (Wirr 040) - sample 1 
Wendy Dixon (soprano), Marina Marsden (violin) and David Miller (piano) on Echo (ABC Classics) - sample 2
Louise Page (soprano), Janet Webb (flute) and Phillipa Candy (piano) on Movement (Wirr 050) - sample 3
all CDs available online.

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ISMN M720007816
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Firs and Cedars

By Piotr Nowotnik

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Soprano, flute, cello and piano  c.8'00

Lyrics based on works by Michael Ben Zechabe - excerpts of "Song of Songs", Chapter 1.
 Composed 2013.

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ISMN 9790720159027
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Five Green Songs

By Diana Blom

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Five songs for voice, cello and piano -  about natural environment - floods and fires, gardening, whale-watching and exploring a river. Words by Diana Blom. Composed 2011

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Five String Quartets

By Horace Keats

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Volume of 5 string quartets with soprano voice.

Recorded on Movement CD (Wirr 050) by Louise Page (soprano) and The Linden String Quartet, available online

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ISMN M720041018
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Folk Songs '76

By Ann Carr-boyd

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7 songs for voice and ensemble.   Composed 1976

Folk songs from  France, Mongolia, Greece and Canada - there is scope to substitute instruments - flute can be exchanged for recorder and viola for cello and a variety of percussion instruments.

Part of the recent collection of 38 pieces for Flying West (Wirr 066) - recorded by Thoroughbass Ensemble available online

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Folk Songs '78

By Ann Carr-boyd

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4 songs for voice and ensemble.   Composed 1978

Folk songs from  Germany and Greece - here the flute can be substituted for recorder.

Part of the recent collection of 38 pieces for Flying West (Wirr 066) - recorded by Thoroughbass Ensemble available online

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