Vocal and Instrumental

Seven Portals

By Michael Hugh Dixon

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Cycle of seven songs for soprano and horn

The text is from H P Blavatsky's spiritual manual The Voice of the Silence. Each
of the seven portals is set simply, yet has significant intonational requirements. The soprano is asked to play a small bell on a number of occasions. The horn player is asked to sing and play simultaneously on a few occasions as well as play a hand percussion instrument.  Composed 2017

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Seven Zen Songs

By Larry Sitsky

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Voice and viola

Poems by Li Po; Rosetti; Zaro; Rumi; Nukada; Taneda
Composed 2005

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Ship's Ditty, The

By Gavin Lockley

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Voice and orchestra, c.6'00.  Also known as The Convict's Ballad.
Words by Gavin Lockley.  From Orchestral Songs of Australia Composed 2009

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Singer of the Bush, A

By Gavin Lockley

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Voice and orchestra, c.2'00
Words by A B Paterson.  From Orchestral Songs of Australia.  Composed 2008

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Six Leaves from Leunig's Prayer Tree

By Richard Peter Maddox

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Alto/mezzo-soprano, viola, cello and piano.  Grade 6
Composed 2011
    • Let it go, c.1:30
    • God bless our contradictions, c.1:40
    • God help us to live slowly, c.2:00
    • We give thanks for singers, c.2:00
    • God bless this tiny little boat, c.1:45
    • Love is born, c.1:15

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      Six Pastorals

      By James Penberthy

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      Soprano, flute and piano
      • i    Feral cat    
      • ii   Reflections    
      • iii  Carapace    
      • iv  Autumn Rain    
      • v   Winter Afternoon        
      • vi  A Welcome – Fowls and Flowers   
      Researched and edited by David Wickham

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      Song Celestial

      By Hugh Dixon

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      Soprano and Chamber Orchestra, c.20'0
      Song Celestial is in three parts:
      1. Invocation
      2. The Harper of Chao
      3. Music of the Spheres
      The words, from translations of ancient Indian, Arabian, Chinese and Persian verse, reflect on the effect of music on the human being, on relating the things of earth to the celestial.
      Parts available on request:

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      ISMN M720060385 - score and parts
      ISMN M720060392 - vocal score and soprano part

      Song of Autumn, A (Gordon)

      By Miriam Hyde

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      Medium to high voice and piano with optional obbligato for clarinet in Bb, c.1'00
      Words by Adam Lindsay Gordon. 

      Composed 1944

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      ISMN M720065861
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      Song of the Goldfields (Blaiklock)

      By Ann Carr-boyd

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      Soprano, cello and piano c.8'00
      Text by Bronwyn Blaiklock.  The words based on the goldfields of Ballarat, Victoria, evoke the essence of the goldfields - the hardships of life; the traditions which traveled with these adventurous people and the feeling of a new life in a new country.  Composed 2013.

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      Songs of Stone and Silence (Campbell)

      By Michael Atherton

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      Soprano, mezzo-soprano, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, Bilma (clapsticks), Violoncello.

      Poetry by David Campbell

      Each title comprises a series of four-line poems that depict Aboriginal rock engravings, mainly in theKu-ring-gai Chase National Park, Sydney, and NSW - Ku-ring-gai Rock Carvings; Sydney Sandstone (Rock Carvings); and Devil's Rock and Other Carvings.

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      Songs of Transience

      By John Wayne Dixon

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      Cor anglais and string orchestra and voice. c.26'00

      Settings of poems by Paul Verlaine.  
      Composed 2011

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      Spider and the Fly, The

      By Frank Millward

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      For Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Tenor, Baritone and Chamber Orchestra  
      (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, ‘Cello, Double Bass, Trumpet Bb, Horn in F, Bass Trombone, Keys, Percussion). Duration 6’ 10
      Technical difficulty - level six standard - Choir – level four.

      From the original poem by Mary Howitt (1799-1888)
      The Spider and the Fly features a quartet of soloists – the Red Queen (Soprano), White Queen (Alto), King of Hearts (Tenor), the White Knight (Baritone) and Choir. This is a character piece and should be considered in the context of its stylistic Victorian roots. Each of the characters should be mindful of the accent used in delivery. 

      As part of the complete production of Hilary Westlake's  "Dining with Alice",
      other pieces from the Suite are available online.

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