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Ca Tru Singer, The

By Diana Blom

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Bassoon and piano with percussion. c.7'20 
Draws on several timbral (vocal and instrumental), melodic, tempo, rhythmic and textural aspects of the tradition.

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By Colin Brumby

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Solo bassoon, c.3'20

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ISMN 9790720101156

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By Michael Hannan

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Bassoon Duet.  Beginner to intermediate level of difficulty.
Six short pieces in styles and approaches which are not well represented in Australian bassoon repertoire.  Composed 2010

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ISMN 9790720133447
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Cumberdeen Dam V and T

By Hollis Taylor

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Solo bassoon in 5 movements, c.9'00 
The pied butcherbird upon which the work is based sings in rushed gusts of notes; the effect is anticipatory, like beats two-three of a Viennese waltz or beats two and four of an up-tempo bluegrass number. The angularity of the essentially five-bar phrases is appealing. Two separate voices are implied by the octave or more spread between motivic segments and the qualitative difference between the lower and higher material. Octave displacement above and beyond the original birdsong figures in the work. 

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ISMN 9790720101422

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By Miriam Hyde

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Woodwind ensemble: flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon, c.4'30
Composed 1991

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ISMN 9790720159843

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By Raymond Hanson

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For woodwind quintet in 8 movements
Composition date 1971

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By Phillip Wilcher

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Bassoon or Cello and piano, c. 4'37 
Composed 2007

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ISMN 9790720159959 

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Fantasia on Waltzing Matilda for Woodwind Quintet

By Miriam Hyde

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Two flutes, oboe, clarinet in E flat, bassoon
Composed 1991

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ISMN 9790720164267
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Hercules Close Stomp (Bassoon)

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Bassoon and piano, c.2'10
The Hercules Close Stomp is written in a light and breezy style that could be played by people of any age. Included are of the scales and harmonies that will remind you of music by Gershwin and Weill. The piece should be played with a light swing in the quaver passages. Performers should feel free to add spontaneous
ornamentation and variations.

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ISMN 97907201401767
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Libera Me, Domine

By Piotr Nowotnik

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Mixed ensemble, c.7'30
Bass clarinet, bassoon, vibraphone, piano and soprano
Composed 2011 

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ISMN 97907201115399
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Little Suite for Wind Trio

By Margaret Sutherland

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Five Movements for flute, clarinet in Bflat and bassoon
Composition date unknown

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Little Suite for Wind Trio - sheet music




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 ISMN M720166384 

Lullaby of the Bay

By Linda Dalgliesh

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Woodwind quartet - flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon,  c.2'00
This piece was inspired by a visit to Hopetoun on Western Australia's south coast.  The port has a history of whaling, sealing, and goldfield exports, some of which are evident as scattered ruins.  The town is now known as a "sleepy" holiday destination.  Composed 2016

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ISMN 9790720171968
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