Sacred Grove - bassoon/piano

By May Howlett

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Bassoon and piano, c.4'00. Grade: 4

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ISMN 9790720209890
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Seven and Nine

By Michael Hugh Dixon

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Solo bassoon with horn ensemble backing track, c.5'50

Seven and Nine has the form of Recitative and Aria for solo bassoon with a backing track of 6 pre-recorded horn parts. It was premiered by Ben Hoadley at the Sydney MicroFest 4 in 2022. There are harmonies using the 7th harmonics of the overtone series. (7-limit harmonies in just intonation music theory). These are both above and below standard tuning by 31 cents (compared to a standard semitone of 100 cents).   The notation supports the sound of the horn harmonies so are reasonably straightforward for the bassoon soloist to hear.

Composed 2022

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ISMN 9790673144231

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Seven Small Wheels Revolving

By Michael Hugh Dixon

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Horn and bassoon, c.5'00

The music is composed using the tuning system called 'Just Intonation'.  Here the tunings are organised around twelve sets of harmonics playable on a standard double horn.  Each valve slide is precisely tuned in a just intonation ratio to the central pitch, F concert.  The bassoon player has more limiied number of pitches to play though most will require non-standard fingerings to match the horn.  
Audio sample performed by Sofia Ree (bassoon) and Michael Dixon (horn).  Composed 2010
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ISMN 9790720126173
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Swingn' Down the Bass-line

By May Howlett

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Solo bassoon, c.3'50

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 ISMN 9790720101569

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To Fill His Emptiness

By Houston Dunleavy

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Bassoon and piano, c.7'00

The title comes from the musical processes that unfold in the work. The emptiness referred to is the held note at the end of the first phrase in the piano. The piece is an exploration as to how this held note, and its analogous moments later in the work, can be 'filled' with musical material. The objective of the pieces was to find as many ways as possible to fill these empty moments while still retaining musical characteristics. So, the process of filling the space is constantly evolving, constantly changing.
As the piece progress, these 'fillers' begin to take on a life of their own. They grow and be empty space recedes. The 'empty space' flows backward and forward between the bassoon and piano, almost like a tennis game!

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ISMN 9790720101866
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Two pieces for solo bassoon

By Carolyn Morris

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Bassoon solos. Advanced grade

VCE Units 3 and 4 Music Repertoire Performance prescribed list of oboe works

  • Bassoon Boogie, c.2'40
  • Hornpipe, c.1'40

Composed 2020

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