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Air and Water

By David Henderson

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Six duos for flute and clarinet/or alto flute, c. 11'30
This edition also contains a part for alto flute in G in place of the clarinet. Composed 2014

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By Tony Wheeler

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Bb clarinet (with optional cell) and piano, c.4'45. Medium level of difficulty.

This pieces utilises the wide ranges and rich timbres of the bass clarinet and the Bb clarinet. The writing is strongly melodic throughout, integrated with harmonic material which ranges from mildly dissonant to decidedly diatonic. The transition in harmonic material can be seen in some ways to reflect the title of the piece, representing perhaps a transformation from clouds and mist to clear, blue skies and sunlight. Composed 2017

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By David Henderson

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Bb clarinet and piano, c.2'00
Composed 2011

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Birdsong Rhapsody I

By Michael Hannan

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Solo Clarinet in Bb
Birdsong Rhapsody I is in four clearly-defined sections, the first and third of which principally use birdsong transcriptions as the compositional material. The second and fourth movements, by contrast, enact "rhapsodic" treatments of the motivic ideas contained in the transcribed birdsong melodies.  Composed 2014

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Bridges, Currents, Ripples

By Houston Dunleavy

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Solo bass clarinet, c.10'0

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ISMN M720011448
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Brisbane Waters

By Betty Beath

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Solo bass clarinet with optional digeridu CD accompaniment, c.3'40.
A melodic work influenced by the Australian folksong, Morton Bay, although when played with the accompaniment, the two instruments represent the uneasy relationship between the races at the time of European settlement.  Composed 1986.

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ISMN 979072014643
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Canon and Rhapsody

By Miriam Hyde

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Clarinet and piano, c. 14'45
The Rhapsody has three subjects, (a) in Bb major, spirited and upward springing; (b) at letter ‘C’, a minor subject over a persistently rhythmic bass (occasionally inverted, as from bar 209); and (c) at letter ‘E’, a more romantic subject starting in Ab major, but soon minor keys predominate.  Composed 1950/55

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Canon and Rhapsody - sheet music 

ISMN 9790720159720 

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By Betty Beath

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Bass Clarinet solo, c.1'45. Grade 5 AMEB List C 2009
The Clarinet has an opportunity to experiment with colour and timbre. It is a transposed score and when played by the Bass Clarinet it will sound a ninth lower than it appears here and for the B flat Clarinet it will sound just a tone lower. It is a short, bright, lively little piece with a middle section which gives opportunity for the production of warm, smooth, flowing tone. 
AMEB Manual List B, Level 2 6th grade

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By May Howlett

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Clarinet and piano. Suggested grade 6-7
Chiaroscuro, an Italian word meaning contrasts of light and dark, is also used to describe a technique in painting, usually where a dark background serves to throw lighter objects in the painting into high relief. Similarly, the sonorities of the clarinet, ranging from the rich chalumeau of the rich lower register to the dazzling brilliance of the high notes can be achieved with an aura of ease and panache which is very exciting.  The work is in three movements:

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Clarinet Calling

By Wendy Suiter

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Trio for Bb Clarinet, Cello, Piano, c.8'0
Inspired by a series of long distance telephone calls, the music, itself, is essentially a number of melodic fragments which are accompanied by varying combinations of instruments which reflect the background noise of other events against which the conversations were held. The music thus contains the underlying ideas of call and response in the melodic fragments. The telephone numbers, themselves, have been used to derive a series of 10 note pitch collections, as well as the form of the piece.

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Clarinet Calling- sheet music 

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Clarinet Concerto No.1

By Greg Butcher

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Solo Clarinet and Wind Ensemble, c.15'0
Demanding piece for the clarinet but simple melodies interweave throughout the band with tutti sections all relatively 'tonic and dominant' melodic progressions.    Composed 2013

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(189 pages)

Clarinet Quartet No.1: For Sherrill

By Houston Dunleavy

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Reflections of Northern Ireland; sadness and gaiety. c.10'00

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